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The one violent crime rising in Richmond

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Most violent crime is down in Richmond, according to newly released crime stats, but there is one crime that has experienced a spike.

In 2013 there were seven less homicides (37 in 2013 vs. 44 in 2012) in Richmond as compared to 2012, according to Richmond Police Chief Ray Tarasovic. Rape and aggravated assaults cases were also down year to year.

Click here to view 2013 Richmond Police Crime Stats

Click here to view 2013 Richmond Police Crime Stats

However Richmond did experience a spike in the crime category of "individual robberies."

There were 11 more cases individual robberies in 2013 compared to 2012 (479 in 2013 vs. 468 in 2012).

The chief said communities continuing to partner with police is the only way to reduce crime.

"Most crimes don't get cleared by fingerprints, don't get cleared by video, don't get cleared by some CSI  magic," Chief Ray Tarasovic said.  "Most crimes get cleared and arrests get made because someone saw it occur and that person has engaged us."

MUST SEE: Ned Oliver at Style Weekly created an interactive map of the city’s neighborhood crime rates last year.


  • Glen Allen

    Perhaps if they spent more money on street patroll, and less on personal protection for the Mayor, they could reduce the crime rate without increasing the budget.

    • athynz

      But, but, but WHO would protect the Mayor?!?!? That man needs protecting! His welfare is absolutely essential to the welfare of the city and it’s residents! Essential I tell ya, essential! Absolutely essential! In fact there should be a superfund dedicated solely to the research into either extending the life of or cloning Mayor Jones so we do not lose his valuable leadership. And yes this post was intended to be extremely sarcastic.

  • Ken Martin (@kenmartinsafety)

    Why then is RPD so reluctant to share timely information with the citizens of Richmond. See something say something is one thing. What about those us who may have seen something but did not know it was something until a week later when you guys finally release the information to the public. Timely information is key.

  • Manalishi

    “Chief Tarasovic said the only way to reduce crime on the rise and to keep the declining offenses from going up, is for cops and the community to continue working side-by-side.” That is the most self serving/self preservation statement I have ever heard geared toward useless slaves of the government. This is the same kind of mentality that orders machine guns and MRAPS for a fictitious “public safety”.

  • byGeorge

    Don’t believe stats that are incomplete and made to order to “feel good”,
    stroke egos, and produce desired PR, and build “legacy”.

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