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Parents evaluate school, SWAT response at Glen Allen High School lockdown

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HENRICO, Va. (WTVR)--Parents in Henrico County say they are very pleased with the response from the Henrico Police Department and Henrico County Schools to a report of a possible gunman on campus.

Many received word from their children inside Glen Allen High School that the school was on lockdown.

Lt. Linda Toney with the Henrico Police Department said when a possible gun on campus call comes in, it is all hands on deck.

“Any possibility that our students or our faculty are going to be at risk, we're going to have a response that you saw today,” Toney said.

Cheryl Corbin even received a picture message from her son showing two SWAT team members inside the school.

One of them was standing outside his classroom holding a gun.

PHOTO VIA Brett Corbin

PHOTO VIA Brett Corbin

“I thought, oh my gosh, is that really a man with a gun?” Corbin said.

Sal Midulla said he saw the picture too, and his mind immediately raced to the worst possible scenario.

“You don't know what he's pointing at or what's going on there,” Midulla said.

Education expert Bill Bosher, who worked as a school superintendent for several years in Chesterfield and Henrico, said photos can make a situation look scarier than it actually is.

“You don't hear voices of police officers calming young people...you don't hear officers telling them what they're doing,” Bosher said.

Still, parents said while the images were scary, they were very happy with the county’s response to the situation.

“I was very proud of Henrico County. I think they did exactly what they should have done,” Corbin said.

“They are to be commended...they did a great job,” Midulla said.

Henrico County Schools spokesperson Andy Jenks said the school system is pleased with how they handled the situation, especially, its communication efforts.

“We notified parents several times today when the situation was just beginning, as well as when new reliable information came along we passed that along as well,” Jenks said.

Bosher said it’s always  better for a school system to be safe rather than sorry.

“At the end of the day when young people are safe and staff members are safe it was never an overreaction to do the things that the police department needed to do to make sure that was true,” Bosher said.

Jenks said school officials will continue to evaluate Tuesday’s events as the school system is always interested in continuous improvement.


  • M.L. Adams

    “You don’t hear voices of police officers calming young people…you don’t hear officers telling them what they’re doing,” Bosher said.

    So Mr. Bosher was present , at the school, when this happened? Or does he have ESP?

    • Ray Alexander

      M.L. Adams: IF Mr. Bosher heard the same video sent from a student’s phone that I saw and heard on Facebook, then Mr. Bosher speaks the truth. Also, given his position, maybe, he does have information that you don’t have. Your comment came across as being from a “smart-aleck” and didn’t represent yourself very well. Perhaps, you might be more reserved in your comments and especially, express yourself a little more respectfully?

  • Nancy

    With a child at that school, I do know that the policemen were professional yet courteous, trying to keep the kids and staff as calm as possible. In my son’s case, the gun was not drawn, and the officer was quite ‘chill’ in my son’s words. Most of the kids were more bored and hungry than scared as the lockdown started minutes before the 1st lunch meaning they were in the same class for 3 hours.

  • bob

    No armed kid on campus, no evidence of a weapon ever being in the possession of the poor kid they did ILLEGALLY detain(not even on campus). Who made the claim? i’m filing a FOIA request for the dispatch records which I believe will show they were just excited to dress up like gi joe for fun with no actual exigent circumstances, or that they were running a drill to practice their rapid response and oppression fantasies.

  • Student at GAHS

    he was spotted in his first period on school grounds before he was ratted out by a close friend and then he was said to flee the school but the gun was spotted. They didnt want the press to make an uproar about it but multiple eye witnesses including myself as a student saw him in the morning. Ask yourself this, if it was just over a threatening text like they say would they send the swat and over 40 police cars because there was a small threat? I highly doubt it.

  • Stacey

    Henrico county police as well as many others did a fantastic job!!! They handled the whole situation as well as the kids in a very professional way. I am so thankful to all of the police as well as the school staff for doing a good job and making sure everyone made it home safe! I’m so blessed to live it such a great county!

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