Man convicted of beating Goochland teacher sentenced

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GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- The man convicted of beating his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot of the school where she worked was formally sentenced Tuesday morning.

A judge took the jury's recommendation and sentenced Uriah Harris to 16 years in prison.

Harris was found guilty of malicious bodily injury for attacking his ex-girlfriend outside Goochland Middle School on Dec. 12, 2012.

During Tuesday's hearing, Harris once again represented himself. He had made a motion that the charge he was convicted of be dismissed, but the judge denied the motion.

During argument, the Commomwealth argued that the beating “could have had a different outcome; a much worse one.” They called it distributing that the assault happened in a school parking lot.

According to the Commonwealth, Harris showed a history of violence in his relationship with the victim.

In turn, Harris argued on his own behalf. He apologized to the victim, her family, and his own family. Harris claims he was suffering from some sort of mental health issue at the time of the attack.

Of the assault, he said, “I have two young kids. In my right mind, I wouldn’t do that.” Harris added he wants to right his wrong, but needs help.

After he was sentenced, Harris appealed the court’s ruling. That means the execution of his punishment will be delayed until the appeal is over; however, Harris was not given the chance for bail. He was appointed Duncan Reid as his attorney for the appeal.



      • Manalishi

        No Sandy, He told me that he was the pillar of the community and just accidentally beat up a teacher while on the way to the library trying to discover a cure for cancer. Put down the kool-aid and stop defending your naive vote.

  • kenny

    he will only serve 2 years at most then be released to commit more crime do to over crowding by his brothers in crime.but yes we will still support him,feed him and provide medical either in prison or out so it really doesn’t matter.

    • Sandy

      Apparently you missed the no parole in Virginia memo. If his 16-year conviction stands on appeal, he’ll serve practically all of that time — about 85%.

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