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Glen Allen student in custody after police, SWAT search high school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GLEN ALLEN, Va. (WTVR) – Henrico Police took a teenager custody after locking down Glen Allen High School to investigate a suspicious situation.

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“School administrators and police were made aware of a male student who was distraught and may possibly have a weapon,” Henrico Police spokesman Lt. Linda Toney wrote in an email. “The school was placed on lock down as a precaution.”

When the student was taken into custody, he was not on school property.

“Police do not have any evidence that suggests the student was ever on the campus of Glen Allen High School,” Toney wrote.

Scroll down for live updates and video.

Alix Bryan January 7, 20149:37 pm

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Alix Bryan January 7, 20149:11 pm
Nick Dutton January 7, 20146:18 pm

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Nick Dutton January 7, 20146:18 pm

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Scott Wise January 7, 20143:14 pm

This photo was taken inside Glen Allen High School today, according to the person who shared it on Twitter. Brett Corbin said it was his. 

Scott Wise January 7, 20142:46 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20142:04 pm

From Henrico Police: The juvenile being sought by Henrico Police regarding the Glen Allen High School incident has been taken into custody. He was not on school property.

No further details about his identity or location he was taken into custody will be released at this time.

The school remains on lock down.

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:52 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:50 pm

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Scott Wise January 7, 20141:49 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:47 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:39 pm

From Henrico Police:

Around 12:15 PM today, Tuesday, January 7, 2014, school administrators and police were made aware of a male student who was distraught and may possibly have a weapon.

Although he was not seen on the campus of Glen Allen High School,the school was placed on lock down as a precaution.

At this time, there is no evidence of shots fired or a gun on campus, and no injuries have been reported.

The school remains on lock down as police search the school complex to insure everyone is safe.

Police do not have any evidence that suggests the student was ever on the campus of Glen Allen High School.

More information will be forthcoming concerning student dismissal.

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:37 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:37 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:33 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:25 pm

Video that appears to show SWAT team members entering Glen Allen High School.

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:24 pm

Parents of Glen Allen High School students asked to gather at nearby Cross Ridge Shopping Center — 10220 Staples Mill Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060.

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:18 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:17 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:17 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:16 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:10 pm

Scott Wise January 7, 20141:03 pm

Email sent to Glen Allen High School parents:

I’m writing on behalf of principal Tracie Weston to let you know that
Henrico Police have arrived at Glen Allen High School to investigate a
suspicious situation. As this takes place, the school is considered on

We feel it is appropriate to notify you of the
increased police presence at the school. Parents are being advised to
respond to the Crossridge Shopping Center where officers are currently
available to address any additional concerns.

We will work diligently to provide you additional, reliable, information as it becomes available.

Thank you, Andy Jenks, Director of Communications and Public Relations

Scott Wise January 7, 201412:57 pm

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Scott Wise January 7, 201412:52 pm

Henrico Police ask parents to NOT come to the school at this time.


  • Dylan Lambert

    HI MOM Hi DAD HI OWEN..Also a bunch of swat team guys came in here with assult rifles and riot shields looking for Chris.

  • Crystal Aman

    Sounds like the School and the Police have the situation under control. Now they are making sure that there is no other threat or saftey issues remaing to the school, students and the staff. The police and school facilty are doing a great job and are taking the saftey of our children seriously. They are doing the right thing and taking every precaution, leaving no room or area unsearched. Thank you to all the Henrico Police, Swat and Glen Allen staff for taking the situation seriously and keeping our children safe. To who ever it was that had the courage and was brave enough to tell an adult and get help thank you! You are the hero today. We dont like to think of what could have happened had the right person not been told in time. While the intentions of the distraught teen with the gun are still unknown we can worry about that later. Right now we are all so thankful that this situation was not any worse than it is and that the outcome is not different. Please let this be a learning experiance to everyone and from this situation see that when the saftey of yourself or others is in jepordy you have to TELL AN ADULT and you cannot wait you have to do it as soon as possible. You could save lives possibly even your own.

  • Bob

    Chris is in custody. school is to keep going on with fith period next. SWAT team arrived and searched rooms. School is on lockdown.
    Its pretty boring in here. Its like fort knox in here. over 30 cops. Everyone seems to be fine. Lots of students are going home. Our principle wants us to keep learning but parents dont agree. Students are just going to leave anyway if school isnt cancelled. This is an insider view.
    A nice swat guy named jeff came to check on us. he was carrying an ar15. lots of swat on scene. I’m going home after this weather or not the principle wants us too. No student feels safe. I urge parents to pick there kids up.

    • Mom

      Harry From Hunton – I am guessing you do not have children. You are a complete a&& and obviously have nothing better to do I guess you weren’t taught as a child that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Sounds like you don’t get enough hugs.

      • Anonymous

        You failed to even type two 4’s while holding down shift, I don’t have to have children to understand the animal instinct to protect ones genes. Shouldn’t we be able to expect a little intelligence from the Students of all people?

    • Anonymous

      I hope you don’t really mean soon, they’re a bit young don’t you think. I think at-least another ten years would be good. That’s not exactly soon either.

  • Victoria

    When students say they are bored, they just want you to know nothing disastrous is happening and everyone is safe and we are alright here.

  • student

    I am in the school and feel perfectly same after hearing the “situation has been dissolved” its just that as half the kids are about to be picked up by their parents, no one is going to be able to pay attention to the teachers, and its 3:00 there’s really no point in staying another hour. Especially since they’re just keeping us in 5th block and lunch the rest of the day.

  • Glen Allen Resident

    In the video above the reporter says a boy called his mom and said that he was “in the classroom with the kid who had the gun” and that “he was a little nervous”. The police statement says that the student in question who supposedly had a gun was never on the school campus…. I think the boy who told his mom this story is gonna get chewed out tonight…

  • kenny

    all this from students that are not allowed to use phones at school.Henrico county is the next city of richmond,we already got most of their teachers and now it seems lots of their off spring.thanks richmond for the gift.back to your apartments,please

    • K

      Geez, I couldn’t even understand your point through the tangled, misspelled words. In any case, if you are talking about kids using their phones while in school, my guess is that the teachers eased up on that rule when they thought a freakin’ gunman was on the premises. I can’t see a teacher saying, “No little Johnny. You can NOT text your mom to let her know you are alive.”

      • C

        From my experience, as a veteran teacher, I can tell you that the rules may say that cell phones are not allowed, but as the adage says… “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” The technology exists. No matter how much schools try to fight it, its not going anywhere. Schools would benefit more from embracing such technology and use it to facilitate learning.

  • MattyK (@OhMatt1)

    We should be able to do better than this. Too many Military wanna be cops with automatic weapons…no one ever confirmed he was in the school yet they scared the shit out of everyone by placing army looking dudes with big guns (Cops are the military and need to start acting like cops again)…locking it down and placing guards outside should have been enough. Not dispersing information to the public and having the public meet openly at cross ridge put so many more people in danger. Way too many guns + volatile situation + trigger happy cops + lack of transparency to the public = recipe for disaster. The Police department got lucky this time that they didn’t harm anyone.

    • Never Pleased

      You say that a shooting didn’t even happen, and there is far too much police force/presence/security. You say that these things are a recipe for disaster…. Because they are taking too much action over such little information.

      I can’t help but think if there HAD BEEN a shooting, because they didn’t take it seriously… You’d be the first person to start yelling about how there wasn’t enough police force/presence/security. And that they should have taken as much action as possible, regardless of the information.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry I would rather not do this, but its hard not to call your comment down right silly. We can begin by how you clearly don’t understand the differences between the Military, the SWAT and the Police. They didn’t send the Military to help you, they sent a SWAT team, actually maybe they sent two, I’m not sure. You also complained about the cops being trigger happy, if you recall from the reports, not a single shot was fired, you make it sound as if they were burning though ammo at the slightest thing that moved. Finally you complained about transparency, clearly you are unaware of the laws protecting minors down a criminal investigation. They cant release information on who they’re looking for or why due to federal laws in place against that.

      I can understand your upset and maybe scared, but please, think about your argument before you post it.

  • Anonymous

    This is crazy! I live on that road and my school is right behind Glen Allen High was on Lock down also ! This is horrible.

  • Anonymous

    COP stands for cautiously over-reacting people. Chris Garcia is in custody, I don’t why no one will say his name. He only made threats, it’s really not necessary. No idea what happened to TJ. I believe people took this too seriously. The school knew Chris wasn’t here, would they make such a mistake whether a kid was in the building or not? The long lockdown could’ve been shortened. I think someone would know if Chris was in their closet. I’m happy everyone is safe, but that’s not because of SWAT telling people to put their hands up.

  • TJ

    so everyone at school and on this stupid website are saying i (TJ) am locked up which is wrong. i would like my name off of this because i am not nor ever was in custody. thank you.

  • Unknown

    I know the kid who was taken into custody very well. He has been going through a lot this past year, but I wouldn’t have expected this from him.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Garcia told some friends he planned to kill his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend, then himself directly afterward at school tomorrow. The “rumor” spread until one person told the school. It immediately went into lockdown. Chris probably stayed home out of fear, one he realized how widespread his “rumor” was getting. The boyfriend and girlfriend apparently laughed at his threat. I think he’s nothing to be afraid of, and is mentally stable. Does anyone know what happened to TJ?

  • M.L. Adams

    What am I missing, here? Student A calls his mother and tells her that Student B is in the classroom and has a gun…and Student B, who wasn’t event at school, is ‘in custody?’ Why isn’t Student A, who started all of this (assuming the facts presented are correct) by lying to his mother, in custody? Falsely calling in a bomb threat is a crime; why isn’t falsely reporting a student with a gun a crime? And what is Student B ‘in custody’ for; being distraught?

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