Son arrested for murdering 78-year-old mom

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Ronnie Cook (PHOTO: Richmond Police)

Ronnie S. Cook (PHOTO: Richmond Police)

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – A Richmond man was arrested and charged with murdering his mother.

Police picked up Ronnie S. Cook, 44, of no known address, Sunday night at a hotel along the 2600 block of Chamberlayne Avenue.

Cook is also charged with robbery and grand larceny.

Police were called to the 1900 block of Cedar St. Sunday afternoon after a family member found 78-year-old Emma B. Cook’s body.

She was dead from an apparent stab wound, according to  Richmond Police.

“Detectives quickly developed leads in the investigation, including the fact that the victim’s vehicle was missing,” police said. “Patrol officers spotted the vehicle at [the] hotel.”

The Medical Examiner will determine Emma Cook’s cause of death. Cook worked as a custodian at a local school, according to friends.


  • RVA Resident says:


  • leo says:

    Wow her own son…. this has to be hard for the family…MY PRAYERS GO OUT TO THE FAMILY

  • Leslee Hudnall says:


  • Leslee Hudnall says:

    I guess you knew him personally to make such a judgment unless you based your useless statement on race.

  • johnny says:

    leslee do know any blacks that voted for someone else,come on now.Fact is fact,not racist.Of course he was a obama supporter.Is he a murderer because of that ,no.Is he a murderer because of culture, poor parenting,education and no respect for life,yes

    • Manalishi says:

      Well put johnny. Call it for what it is. I’m kinda surprised a racebaiter would dare try to step into the needed criticism.

    • Leslee Hudnall says:

      He was a felon he did not vote thank you. ..and for both of your information I know many black non Obama voter’s. I myself have no allegiance to any one party. I vote as I please just as you voted the way you wanted to. Also, I will say what I want just as you did this story is tragic enough without an insensitive person bringing politics into the equation.

      • Manalishi says:

        One doesn’t have to vote to support. Support any culture you wish Leslee, But don’t demand another to share the burden of your follies.

      • Leslee Hudnall says:

        You have one choice if you plan to stay here in America until our current President Obama is done with his new term. Live with it…deal with it…endure it..or leave until its over. Your complaints fall on death ears if you yourself can do nothing about it. In other words, get over it.

      • Manalishi says:

        That would be “deaf ears” for those Who didn’t vote for a fake plastic bobblehead messiah. Well done Leslee, your now a competent pawn of the potus. It’s never been a complaint, but rather a formal critique. But you knew that.

      • Leslee Hudnall says:

        Indeed…and I have supported every other Pot us that I have had in my lifetime, that is called being an American.

      • Manalishi says:

        So did I, until a majority voted for communism. That’s Not american.

  • Leslee Hudnall says:

    Communist. Try living in a real communist country you wouldn’t be running your mouth on here about Your President, you wouldn’t be allowed to. Now run along.

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