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80’s Pop Culture Producer & Singer Eruman

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - You can catch local musician Eruman performing at various venues around Richmond. Today, he performed ‘Radio Lover’ and ‘Lottery’ from  his new EP called, 'Signature’. Visit Eruman at


  • RickyBobby

    if there ever was a need for autotune……this would be it. I hope his appearance didn’t cost WTVR any money.

    • Richmond Musicians

      Well, when you go on, there is no PA system or monitors. It’s not really set up for a live performance like that.

  • Richmond Musicians

    An actual show is very different from this. Don’t be so quick to judge, CBS6 is meant for talking, not performances. For the fact people get there and perform in the first place is more courage than anyone who has anything negative to say. Just go listen to the music on his page, it’s fantastic and his live show is actually great. It’s always someone who isn’t doing anything with their lives that has something negative to say, go get a job.

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