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Worker’s head bashed outside Chesterfield gas station

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Police are looking for the person who attacked a Chesterfield man at work just hours into the new year.

Family members tell CBS-6 that Earl Spencer, a longtime business owner in Chesterfield County,  was opening Spencer's gas station at 5144 Centralia Road about 5:10 a.m. on January 1 when someone walked up from behind and hit him "repeatedly" in the head.

"It’s shocking that it's so close to home,” said Michael King, who lives across the street from the store.  “But it happens a lot in the news, so I guess I'm desensitized to it."

Chesterfield Police are working leads, but hoping the public can step forward with information they need.

"We’re hoping since the victim didn't see the assailant, that someone saw something suspicious or a vehicle,” said Lt. David Shand.  “There's not a lot of people out that time of morning, but someone knows something."

Police say the suspect fled the scene with cash which law enforcement sources tell me was thousands of dollars.

"I see him quite often,” King said.  He says he has waved and spoken to Spencer a few times.

He has a theory about who may have done this to him.

"I think it's someone who knows his movements, who’s close enough to see what he does day by day," said King.

Police are thinking along those lines as well and have a message for other convenience store workers in the area.

"The folks that run these places need to be aware of their surroundings,” said Shand.  “Be proactive as far as not keeping a predictable schedule. Make sure your surveillance systems inside and out are up to snuff."

Police asked anyone with information about this crime call the Chesterfield County Police Department at 804-748-1251 or Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.


  • PCGov

    Becoming transparent that the Police MO is NO description.
    Must take more time to develop them Correctly.
    Don’t want those stats to be inyourface.

      • PCGov

        Me? YOU are they one that jumps to ATTACK without being able to
        discuss the point of obvious MO. YOU think Correct-Mess of
        your love, care and benevolence is not Lunacy of hypocrisy

  • troy

    gonna go out on a limb here with black male in either a grey or black hoodie.my second guess is white male in a suit.

    • Sherri Pirince

      Ditto…My opinion and stats go with your first guess but I also add,,Spencer store has been a neighborhood family oriented store /still has a full service gas pumps,thats the tight nit community that Mr. Spencer believes in. This has nothing to do with “The Knockout Game”. This is clearly a person that was not raised with morals like most of Mr.Spencers customers…I hope he will be ok and I hope they catch this evil person.This store is only known by community ppl ot ppl visiting someone in the community, if ur not from the immediate area or know someone who lives in the immediate area theres no way u cld “happen to run across this store”.

  • MLee

    How is it these thugs are usually up early or late enough to commit a crime and take others hard earned money/goods, but can’t seem to get up early enough to go out and find a job to buy their own stuff? I guess it’s easier and the work day is shorter, no messy taxes or bosses to deal with either…..

  • Debbie

    We had an incident similar to this last year in Johnstown, PA. A local merchant was opening for the day and had a large amount of cash on hand to cash pay checks for the local mill workers. The attacker was a black male, who beat a 75 year old man with a pistol, almost to death. The merchant was hospitalized and they never caught the attacker. I hope they find the man who did this to this man. .

  • Mike C

    Actually these attacks are happening almost everywhere. But you only read about the local ones because the national media enforces a blackout on them…. except for the time when the ‘races were reversed’ then it was international headlines.

  • Julia Thompson

    This sounds like more of the “KNOCK OUT” game being perpetrated by the minority portion of our society. I am urging any white seniors who currently do not have their license to carry a handgun to go out and get it immediately. Every senior must be armed in order to defend themselves from this permanently degenerate class of people. The seniors in our society are some of the most defenseless and these beatings are getting out of hand and are costing our grandfathers and grandmothers their lives and serious injuries. Any of you out there who see this happening and fail to intervene in stopping an attack are complicit and are an accessory. It is time to fight back….and a bullet will stop these animals once and for all.

      • Monte Cantrell

        Kay Sto, your waaaaaayy behind the curve. That anti-white rhetoric is out and getting pay back is in. Liberalism is dead. We have an epidemic of black males raping and murdering elderly whites in America. Show me one case of a white male raping and murdering an elderly black woman.

    • James Wright

      You there are some in that class that know better. I take offense to be put in the same class as these people. Mr. Spencer is a very nice and good man. No one seems to realize that right down that side street is where a murder happened about 5 years ago. There’s gang activity all behind that area in Lost forest. Rumors of a headquarters for “Crypts”. Don’t put me in that class of person I am I decent hard working and intelligent individual. If you want to point the finger at anyone I’d start pointing it at your generation first because they raised us. I wish you the best and I understand your passion under these circumstances.

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