RPD delays red-light warning period

Posted on: 6:56 pm, January 1, 2014, by , updated on: 09:56pm, January 1, 2014

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — The Richmond Police Department is extending the warning period for those who get caught on the newly place red light enforcement camera.

RPD installed and began operating the camera in early December at the intersection of Elkhardt and Hull Streets. Police decided to issue warnings for violators throughout the first 30 days of the camera installment.

From December 2nd through December 25th, Richmond Police issued more than 330 warnings to red light runners.

Captain Will Smith oversees the program and said in a press release that the department needed more time before beginning to issue citations.

“We want to ensure that all electronic systems employed by the Department are in compliance with national standards and department guidelines,” Captain Smith said. “As this is an entirely new process for Richmond, additional time is needed to verify both those criteria.”

Richmond Police plan on publicly announcing the date they plan to switch to ticketing red light violators in advance.


  • phill says:

    Thats nice of them to give a warning. I didnt get any thing but fines and 2 of them. The problem is the lights change from yellow to red so fast. Both times I had heavy appliances in the back of my work van and could not slam on brakes either way I would have end up in the middle of an innersection or had someone rearend me because people always follow way too close they need a better system Iin place.

  • James Walker says:

    The yellow times for both straight through and turning movements do NOT meet proper engineering standards. This was WELL known by both the city and the camera company. The deliberate mis-engineering of the lights were part of the for-profit money grab business plan for the intersection. Hopefully the light shed on this despicable plan will delay or end the use of cameras here.

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