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Teens arrested for beating man in Henrico McDonald’s

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Rashaan Bates (PHOTO: Henrico Police)

Rashaan Bates (PHOTO: Henrico Police)

UPDATE: Rashaan Bates, 19, and a 17-year-old male were arrested and charged in connection to the beating of a homeless man inside the McDonald's along the 7100 block of West Broad Street near Glenside Drive.

Both Bates and the teenager are charged with assault by mob.

The man was attacked Dec. 28, 2013.

Both suspects surrendered to police on Jan. 6, Henrico Police spokeswoman Lt. Linda Toney wrote in an email.

The victim was sleeping when he was approached by the suspects.

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- Henrico police released surveillance photos Tuesday that show the suspects accused of assaulting a homeless man in a fast-food restaurant over the weekend.

Police said it happened on Saturday around 4 a.m. when two suspects approached a 40-year-old black male, who was sitting at a table at the McDonald's in the 7100 block of West Broad Street.

The victim was sleeping when he was approached by the suspects. One of them slapped him on the back of his neck before he was beaten by the pair.

Davina Bishop lives close by and knows the victim. She said she was upset when she got news of the assault.

"He used to work with my papa," Bishop said. "He was just a good guy."

The victim sustained minor injuries to his face.

The suspects ran from the business and were picked up in the parking lot by someone driving a dark-colored, four-door vehicle.

Sources told CBS 6 News that the motive was consistent with a "knockout game."

Initial reports indicated the incident may have been recorded by the suspects. However, police said that after reviewing surveillance video, it does not appear the suspects recorded the crime.

The suspects are described as black males, between 16 to 20 years old, around 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing around 140 to 160 pounds. One suspect was wearing a red, hooded sweatshirt and one suspect was wearing a blue, hooded sweatshirt.

If you have information that could help police, call Henrico Police at 804-501-5000 or Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.



  • scars

    If this were my son, he would lose every possession he owns. I would take it and give it all to charity. Expensive cell phone. Stereo. Every last thing. There would be no extras other than the basics. You don’t beat up people for “fun”. The only time I will excuse physical force is in self-defense. We need to start making examples of people who do this to send a message that a civilized society does not tolerate committing acts of violence as entertainment. Seriously, what is wrong with people these days?

  • dan

    yea the day these thugs parents even know what they are doing never mind punish them is the day we won’t see stuff like this as much.Fact is I would guess some of their parents condone this behavior or just don’t care.The courts will not make a example out of them because they are black and will use the “cause im black” defense and you can’t keep stuffing them in prisons,they are out of room.

  • kitty

    To Dan…What?…do u really think the parents condone this, when they will be the ones getting in trouble also with the kids and not every black child is a thug…go to the projects and look those are thugs ….and y u think the courts won’t make an example out of them? Really?…it’s more blacks locked up…black kids and men….and I hope they do get locked up…this is ridiculous…they will be caught soon their pics is on the news….and looks like whites kids were there too their faces blurred out..smdh

  • really?

    Ummmm Dan….perhaps you need to visit your local eye doctor asap. I beg to differ with you on the “cause I’m black” defense. The pics show 1 (one) black, 1(one) Hispanic, and TWO….I repeat TWO white kids. Now what do you suppose their defense will be….. “cause my parents are rich”? People need to stop making everything about race…..

    • DebbieJ

      There is NO evidence anyone else was involved in the attack other than the two suspects. Just because they were standing near them in the CCTV framegrabs doesn’t mean they were involved.

      It’s standard PD practice to blur faces of uninvolved parties in photos of suspects. I’m sure the victim (and probably witnesses) gave an accurate description of which two attacked him.

  • Breon

    No but Dan has a valid point. Why are their faces blurred if the point of this story is to help catch ALL people involved. I’m not saying that “because im black” is a defense, but it’s worth noting that this is not fair to the public as they were a part of it and should be caught as well.

  • MLee

    They are already gone from society. Probably illiterate drop outs with parent(s) who obviously don’t care since they are out at four in the morning. And they are too young to keep their mouths shut. Just hope they don’t really hurt anyone on their path to the big house in the future. Cowards. Well, in the future they’re probably going to find out in jail just what it means to be a victim….

  • tymac

    They don’t breed real men anymore. I am 46 and I should pose as a helpless homeless man and have them hit me while I am sleeping. I could take all 4 of them with my bare hands. Ha!

  • Glen Allen

    Time for Henrico County to start enforcing the existing Curfew Ordinances, since it appears too many parents do not seem to be doing their job. What ever happened to the ads on TV – It is 10:00 PM, do you know where your children are?

  • Suzie

    Kids today have been spoiled to the point of being ridiculous. Baby boomer parents are to blame, There needs to be more accountability. When I got caught doing something stupid or against my parents rules, I was disciplined and I don’t mean sent to my room. The bible says spare the rod, spoil the child. Nowadays parents can’t even discipline their kids for fear of social services intervening. Really, a good old fashion spanking was the most loving thing my parents did for me because it taught me respect.

  • Mary Doan

    So…………….. what COLOR was the homeless man that was a victim of this “RANDOM crime ? What makes a “Random ” crime different from a “HATE” crime ? Oh yeah ! The color of the perpetrators.

  • denise

    I’m unsure why two out these four people were smudged out. HPD should have expanded on this issue. If the two that are smudged out watched and did nothing…they are just as guilty as the perps. In fact the people who watch evil and allow it to play out are worse than those committing the crime. From what I had found out, the homeless victim is an African American man, not that this would or even should matter. A human being is a human being.

    • DebbieJ

      The presence of the others in the CCTV framegrabs posted in the article does NOT establish that more than the two were involved. Just because they were standing near the suspects does not mean they were party to it or even witnessed it and did nothing.

      That’s why their faces are blurred.

    • jackburton77

      So the kid is an accessory because he happened to be there? DO WHAT?

      I’m sure that white kid, in that lame old rugby from britches, didn’t want to have the smacketh layeth downeth on him as well.

      These acts are usually spur of the moment so calling him an accomplice is very irresponsible.

  • John Rapier

    Eventually someone playing this game will end up on the receiving end. The issue will probably be that they are under age and the person they attack is over 18 and then that person gets charged for assault on a minor, if a coward yes I said coward is willing to attack someone like this they deserve to get whatever they get remember some people can handle a so called knockout punch.

    • jackburton77

      Good point John. Although I can’t imagine that a person couldn’t argue self defense after this “knockout game” outbreak.

      I’m certainly not taking my chances.

      I fear for my wife and son really. I’ve seen instances where women have been coldcocked in this game. Are children next?

  • dale

    @really@kitty,you fools.I don’t need a eye doctor,20/20 here and see clearly whats going on in our world while you remain blind to it.Kitty I don’t have to go to the projects they are now here.So what apartment complex in Henrico would you like me to visit?again,you are fools

  • RAS

    Idea: If you see someone you don’t like the looks of, play the “reverse knockout game”. Tell police they tried the “knockout game” on you and you just responded.

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