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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - A Florida family received a very big blessing ahead of Christmas -- a 14-pound baby boy.

When Nicia McNelley was going into her per-scheduled cesarean section last Friday, little did she know she would be just ounces away from breaking a record.

"I couldn't believe it. I mean, I have two other kids, but not as big as this guy," McNelley said.

Her baby, Isaiah Johnson, topped the scale at a whopping 14-pounds and 7.6 ounces. He is the second biggest baby born in Florida this year.

"Me and his dad, you know, sat and thought, you know, maybe at the most maybe 10. Maybe 12. But, no, not 14," McNelley said.

McNelley said she hopes her baby boy puts his size to good use.

"You know, God forgive me, because you know I'm in Gator country. God forgive me, but my boyfriend is a Seminole fan, so he's wanting him to play football for the Seminoles," she said.


  • lori tanner

    don’t be disappointed if he hates football or anything brutish. He could be very sensitive and a neat freak who hates pain and doesn’t like hanging out half naked with a bunch of guys.

    • Kerri Lucas (@Kerri82)

      Why should she have to because people like you think she should? Being married to somebody doesn’t make them any better at being a parent vs those that aren’t married. If they get married, it’s up to them and shouldn’t mess with your life in any way so why does it matter if they are or aren’t married?

  • morgan

    Really Sandalwood? You don’t have too be married to have a child. Yes, it’s prefered, but who cares? It’s not hurting you…

  • No

    Man where I come from old school you can’t have a baby with being married’s that happen as my grandchild would ask ..

  • Tali

    Obesity does not carry to the womb, don’t speak ignorance, its very unbecoming of anyone. Also, marriage is not required to have children , old school needs to learn that nowadays, in the modern world, there is such thing as civil marriage or not believing in marriage at all. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want to start a family together. In other words , opinions should be kept to those who share your own and are probably as equally ignorant. This baby is a blessing regardless of his weight and will more than likely end up growing into his size just fine and living a normal healthy life.

  • Debbie Barclay

    I’m glad for you. I hope you and the baby , are both doing well . That would be a wonderful Christmas gift from God. It would sure be a blessing from God, I hope he grows – up to play sports , but if not don’t be disappointed. Just think he will be able to stand on his own two feet , and defend his self if someone would ever try any thing. God Bless You ! Merry Christmas ! Take Care !

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