SHARE: These are our favorite Christmas ornaments

Posted on: 7:44 pm, December 23, 2013, by , updated on: 09:54am, December 26, 2013

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament? Many of us here at CBS 6 do.

We’ve created a photo gallery for you to share you favorite Christmas tree ornament with us. You can also read the stories behind some of our favorites.

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  • My husband's (age 43), mother made this eggshell ornament when he was little. She passed away when he was 12. We don't have but a few items that belonged to her and a few pictures.

  • Little Dylan Eli's 1st Ornament. On the left, his foot imprint, on the right is a VP Shunt! (That is a real one, It goes under the scalp, and attaches to a catheter that goes in the brain and then tubing that goes down into the abdominal cavity.) The part you see here is exactly what's under Dylan's scalp. He has 2 of them. One behind his left ear and the other is on the back of his head on the right. The majority of people with Hydrocephalus have had some version of a shunt. Since Dylan has had 15 brain surgeries since he was born, we figured the shunt would be a great ornament for him and the heart shape is because Sir Dylan Eli the Dragon-Slayer was born on Valentine's Day!

  • JULIE BRAGG: Simple green glittery Christmas ball that my four-year-old son put his precious hand print on at preschool. I love it!

  • ROB CARDWELL: Every year my son picks out an ornament. This year he broke his arm. He took a piece of his cast and turned it into an ornament. He couldn’t find an ornament personalized enough to highlight his year, so he thought he’d commemorate his first broken bone.

  • CARRIE ROSE: My favorite ornament is from my brother's wife. She made it from my wedding invitation (that's the cut up strips inside, line-by-line), and gave it to Jason and me for our first married Christmas.

  • STEPHANIE ROCHON: My son made the gingerbread man ornament when he was three years old. I treasure it because he made it with his little hands. I’m like many mothers who try to save everything their children make because we love the effort they put into each art project. These are the gifts that are priceless.

  • MELISSA HIPOLIT: As a child, my mother made me take ballet. I hated the classes, too rigid and structured for me, but I loved the ballet slippers and costumes. Ballet equals beauty and while I wasn't cut out for it, this beautiful red satin ballet slipper is a classic example of beauty.

  • TRACY SEARS: I stare at these ornaments all the time. I love them because they remind me of the two happiest days of my life

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