Mom catches teen son with girl, hits him with baseball bat

Posted on: 10:12 pm, December 23, 2013, by

SANDY, Utah (KSL) – A teenager was sent to the hospital and his mother to jail after she caught him with a girl and attacked him with a baseball bat, police said Monday.

The teen had a party at the house the night before. The parents allowed the boy’s girlfriend to stay at their house on the condition that she sleep in another room, said Sandy Police Sgt. Jon Arnold.

About 4 a.m., however, the father caught his 16-year-old son and the girl together, Arnold said.

The father and son got into an argument, which escalated when the boy’s mother walked in and started slapping her son, according to Arnold. The son began to retaliate, so the father tackled him to the ground to calm him down.

While he was doing that, the mother got a baseball bat and hit the teen boy multiple times, the sergeant said.

An ambulance took the boy to a local hospital with cuts, bruises, possible broken bones and other injuries that were not life-threatening. Arnold said the 43-year-old mother was arrested for investigation of felony child abuse.


  • Manalishi says:

    Bad idea from the start. what could possibly go wrong??!!

  • Gerry says:

    How naive were these parents? Teen boys only have one thing on their minds.

  • really?? says:

    Some parents are too busy trying to be their kids best friend that they completely forget how to be a parent! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN LET A GIRL STAY OVER HER BOYFRIENDS HOUSE…ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE UNDERAGE???

  • Dustin Cavanaugh says:

    Conservative Christians are idiots I swear. I’ve been told to burn my wiccan friend’s books so demons can’t get in. “So because this person doesn’t believe what you believe I should commit property crime?” anyways this country fails at separating church and state and hopefully one day someone with money can take this to the supreme court. 90% of Congress is Christian. Balancing powers is impossible when only Christians make decisions. Often times ignorant and selfish ones.

    • jenny says:

      If congress is made up of Christians, they are bad examples then. They DO NOT act like Christians bc they are too concerned with greed and stepping on others to get there. Do NOT assume that all Christians act like them. True Christians don’t live like that or act like children.

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