Police investigate robbery at Popeyes


RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Police are investigating a robbery that happened at a Popeyes in the 2700 block of Chamberlayne Avenue late Friday night.

Police tell CBS 6 at least two suspects went into the Popeyes around 11:30 p.m. and robbed several employees.

The suspects were wearing masks.

Authorities are still investigating.

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  • BeenJonesed

    Too transparent to be ignored that there is an uncivil society at large
    and the communities can be pinpointed statistically; even when
    profiled preferred and protected.
    The Mayor is even scared and needs his protection.
    Priority should be Public Safety & Protections.

  • dan

    this is what happens when you have babies by 4 fathers who are never around and “baby mamas” with the smarts of a traffic cone and the only point to reproducing is more money from a broken welfare system.I mean those kids grow up and the cycle continues.Now feel free to make more excuses for them

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