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Mom won’t face murder charges after crack causes unborn baby’s death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WTVR) -- A mother whose drug use caused her unborn baby to die will not face murder charges.

WCAV in Charlottesville reports that Garan Drymond was arrested early Thursday morning and charged with possession of cocaine.

Court documents reveal that she was taken to the hospital in May after telling emergency crews she had been smoking cocaine and drinking for the past two days. That's when her child was stillborn.

Over the summer, an autopsy found the cause of death was from that cocaine and alcohol in its system, which made it a homicide.

However, since the child did not have a heartbeat at birth, there is no law on the books in Virginia that can hold her accountable for her baby’s death.

As a result, Drymond is only facing a felony charge for possessing cocaine since prosecutors cannot charge her with homicide.

Drymond is scheduled to appear in court again in February.


  • BeenJonesed

    This is also apparently included in a women’s rightful rights to
    deliberately murder the freely conceived by inconvenient babies?
    Ah, Correct-Mess, to self satisfactions.

  • Mother of a stillborn

    I am a mother if a stillborn and this story makes me sick! That baby died because of her actions. This law needs to be changed. While taking all those drugs she should have added one more to the mix. A legal one that we all call birth control.

  • shanienee

    VA needs to tighten up the laws as far as these children are concerned…..born and unborn. That baby did not ask to be conceived. If she did not want the baby, she should have used birth control or had an abortion ( I am against abortion btw).
    I’m confused though. If a woman is pregnant, and is murdered, can’t the person who murdered her be charged with capital murder for the unborn child?

  • Ken C

    I am against abortion on demand as a form of or in place of birth control but it seems to me that her baby dying from a drug overdose is vastly more humane than terminating the child by violently ripping it’s limbs off and crushing it’s skull, or injecting a saline solution to chemically burn it to death. Obviously she didn’t care if the baby lived or died but in a country that allows abortion, the killing of her unborn baby in this manner shouldn’t be a crime.

    • sw

      Maybe you should have a uterus before commenting on abortion and second VA does not allow late term abortions so that is not how an abortion is performed. I myself would not have an abortion but I really hate it when people spew the lies they do about what happens during legal abortions.

  • Tanya Powers

    As an adoptive mother to a drug exposed & addicted newborn this is maddening! What my son’s biological mother did to him was nothing short of child abuse.

    I don’t see how she could have been charged with a crime when abortion is legal. You can’t have both. Maybe there should (or is) a law regarding who can perform the procedure.

  • sw

    There is a big difference between having an abortion in the first trimester and killing a baby that can survive outside the mother’s womb. Once the baby can survive outside the mother it becomes or should be a crime. I know it is a crime if someone was to kill her and the baby died.

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