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Should an accused child abuser get bail?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. — Four-month-old Jordan Clark of Fredericksburg remains at a Chippenham Hospital Friday night, an alleged victim of child abuse. Fredericksburg Police arrested 23-year-old William Schmuhl in connection with the abuse this past week. Schmuhl was the boyfriend of Jordan’s mom. Police were alerted by officials at Spotsylvania Regional Hospital after Jordan’s family took him there to figure out why he couldn’t breathe.

Family members say Jordan had no physical signs of abuse when they took him to the hospital.

“I just fell apart… He’ll be four-months-old on Sunday,” Margo Fairchild, baby Jordan’s Aunt, said.

But if the episode of alleged abuse is making Fairchild upset, the situation involving Jordan’s biological father is leaving her confused.

Jordan’s father, Christopher Williams, was arrested days before Schmuel on charges of maliciously wounding Schmuel with a bb gun.

Fairchild says that her brother, Jordan’s father,  did it to protect his son.

What has Fairchild upset is that her brother is being held without bond while the alleged abuser has been granted bond at $10,000.

“I just think that something needs to be changed,” Fairchild said.

CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George asked legal analyst Todd Stone if Fairchild has a point.

Stone said that the Virginia legal system is clear – those accused of child abuse are often allowed bail why those charged with maliciously wounding another often are not.

“He is charged with a class 2 felony, malicious wounding and there is a presumption against bond,” Stone said.

As of Friday night both men, the accused assaulter and the accused abuser, were at the Rappahannock Regional Jail.

As of this writing, Rappahannock deputies say Schmuhl has yet to post bond.


  • Tracy Williams Feuer

    I am Christopher Williams aunt. Jordan’s great Aunt. What wasn’t reported in this story is that Jordan’s attacker is not from the area. He has no fixed address, no job, no ties to the community. Nothing to prevent him from skipping out on his bail. And Jordan will never be vindicated. JUSTICE FOR JORDAN!

  • Kathryn

    The abuser has no family here, no ties to the area. No job, bounces from house to house, or hotel to hotel. The man does not deserve bond. Can we please get justice for Jordan?

  • John

    I hope some members of the legal community and court system will find it in them to quickly sort out the facts. If the father, Christopher, realized the threat that this child abuser posed toward his child and reacted impulsively by stinging/popping him with a bb gun then his strong emotional action to protect his child must be weighed. Why did the mother even allow this abuser around her child? CBS6 please give us a follow up story on this case. Let justice prevail!

  • Norma Earls

    Where is this child’s “mother”?! Sadly, justice is rarely served for crimes against children in the Commonwealth of VA. If an individual beats, tortures, rapes, starves and/or neglects an adult, that individual will serve time. If the victim is a child, that individual will be “sentenced” to some harsh anger management/parenting classes. Hopefully, this precious baby’s mother is being investigated, too.

  • dale

    who does not get bail in our court system now days?You can murder a child with cough syrup and you get bail.Its over crowding and poor judges.Build more prisons and start making it work again instead of the revolving door we have now.Judges have become the punchline in the joke of criminals.Judges should all be elected and their names posted in stories such as these.things would change quick.

  • BeenJonesed

    Does the press go out purposefully to solicit these stories human
    interest/ambulance chasing stories or do the “peoples” call them in
    soliciting attention? Highly sensationalized, emotionally charged,
    yellow journalism seems to be the media mission/goal now days over
    and above the straight facts news of who, what, when, where, how, and why. Hollywood Style productions win coveted awards in the National Inquirer News Awards? Ratings on the National News Outlets shows
    creditability problems, slanting, and political correct-mess are causing

  • Wanda

    I am outraged at the judge that didn’t have the brains God gave him to see this man is a flight risk. His Dad had every right to protect his child. Had it been me I am afraid, No I am sure I would be in jail for murdering the no good baby, and woman beater, that the news is reporting as a man. A real man would never harm an innocent baby. I hope it made him feel good to beat a baby. He needs to be in jail without bond and put away for life. I bet he is an animal abuser as well…He is garbage, no job, no address, and he is granted bail, as soon as he sets foot out of jail he will be free to leave the area and never be seen again, only to strike out at another child. The Dad, honest, hard working, sitting in jail no bond? What’s wrong with this picture? Justice for Jordan!

  • Timberlake

    To John, my daugher wasn’t aware of any type of abuse and if she did, she would have called the police on him. You need to gather all facts about the injuries before you go an assume things. I’m the grandmother and I can assure you I checked on my grandson daily because I followed my 1st instinct about the accuser. I never cared for him from day one and I made it very known to him everytime I saw him. when there’s no sign of injuries on the outside, it’s very hard to detect unless the baby’s behavior is different from the normal in this case it was not and i can attest to that. My daugher and I was very concerned about my grandson’s breathing and coughing. We had no idea he had any type of injuries. there were times when i went to check on the baby he seems to be extremly hungry so I said to William Schmuhl, “you must didn’t feed this baby all day, look how hungry he is, you are not fit to watch this baby” I told him don’t be starving my grandson, I don’t know why my daughter trust you with this baby? William would always try to explain his life to me, he wanted me to like him but I said hell no, I don’t trust you and you need to go back to Chicago and leave my daugher alone.

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