Hordes of unwanted cats flock to Richmond woman’s home

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Around four months ago Mary Wysocki started noticing around 20 - 25 cats showing up near her Richmond home.

She believes the cats are stays, and said she's contacted a feral cat group through the SPCA, an animal clinic, and Richmond Animal Care and Control about the unwanted visitors.

"We have enough overpopulation with the animals because of man's refusal to do what's right, which is spay and neuter," she said.

CBS 6 also reached out to Richmond Animal Care and Control about Mary's concerns.

No one was available for an on camera interview, but they did say that between November 22 and December 12, six cats have been picked up in her area.

"It's just sad to see this," Wysocki said.

Several cats could be seen just within a half hour time span that CBS 6 was at Wysocki's house. One even came close to an animal trap, but didn't go in.

Wysocki called animal control after seeing these cats and an officer arrived within an hour. However, the animals were gone by then.

Although they did escape, Wysocki said she hopes that eventually these cats will be able to go to a forever home.

Richmond Animal Care and Control also said they are working with residents in Mary's neighborhood to address the issue.

If you happen to see a stray cat or dog,  animal control reminds people to call the department at 804-646-5573.

If a resident has an issue with stray animals, they are also asked to call so it can be added to the hotspots list.

They also recommend not to approach or capture the animal as it's temperament is unknown.


  • Romaine Cheney

    Our neighborhood is seeing an abundance of feral cats too. I took in two kittens and they are not my house pets but no way I could take them all in. Wish folks would take care of their pets…

  • N.C.

    We have a neighbor with the same problem – they keep showing up AND multiplying. The neighbor knows I’m sympathetic and is coming to me now for hand-outs to help feed them. I can’t afford that either, but TRY to help her out. Henrico Animal Control doesn’t seem to have helped her much yet. She calls them OFTEN.

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