Mom devastated after UPS puts Christmas package in the trash

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MISSOURI — A woman was devastated when she found a notice in her mailbox indicating that a package was placed in her outdoor trash can by the delivery person.

“So, I opened the trash can and look in and all that’s left were two frozen cups,” Tracy Sole said. “My package had been picked up by the trash man.”

Sole says it wasn’t just any package. It was an Android Tablet that was going to be a gift for her daughter.

She suspects it was dumped with the rest of her trash — and is now long gone.

“I was crying all night last night,” Sole said. “I mean I saved for months to get that for my daughter, and then for them to just throw it in the trash.”

She called UPS and says she was told to contact the company she ordered the tablet from. That company told Sole they could send her a new tablet, but there is no guarantee it will make it to her by Christmas.

It was reported that an investigation will be launched in an effort to find out what happened and why the delivery person left the package in the trash can.

For an additional charge, the company offers a delivery service that requires a signature for a package.

Drivers are trained to leave packages out of sight and away from bad weather.

Sole says she understands that a delivery person would not want to go down an icy driveway, but feels a trash can is not the right place to leave a package.

Now she will have to explain to her daughter why her gift won’t be under the tree at Christmas.


  • Lo says:

    Wow, I definitely understand why this woman is pissed. However, I’m happy to hear the company will send her another tablet. We must remember that some kids aren’t getting anything for Christmas, much less not Android Tablets.

  • Jamie says:

    It does not matter what the item was, tablet or board game. The point is she struggled and saved, and the UPS driver was in the WRONG by placing the package in the trash can. We have actually caught the UPS drivers in our area, throwing packages on to porches. They have a job and it should be done correctly is all it comes down to!

  • jennifer einolf says:

    This was a great opportunity for UPS to shine–and they missed it, first by not adequately training their driver and second by not making sure that the delivery was made–whatever that entailed.

  • tl says:

    That’s because their parents are too lazy or stupid not to work. There are not that many kids in this country that in dire straights. Their parents get food stamps and get their hair done and wear $100 jeans and shoes instead spending child support and welfare checks on their kids. There are organizations and churches that help with christmas. This kid’s mom saved for her to have it no reason why she shouldnt because of somebody’s stupidity.

  • I ordered 3 Kurio tablets from Target for my kids for Christmas. UPS just left them on the porch. Thank goodness my daughter was home from school that day and got them, otherwise they would have been gone by the time I got there, especially since they got delivered a day early.

  • Stacey says:

    Where else are they suppose to leave it? This idiot tried to hide it but put it in the most relevant place where trash is left…why not just buy it from the store?

    • Because sometimes you can purchase items cheaper online than if you buy it right of the store. Like when they have online sales that are not on sale in the store.

    • Dustin Cavanaugh says:

      Are you seriously taking up for him? In the door, outside the door, ANYWHERE is better than the trash… Also, usually they keep it, put a notice on the door and say it could not be delivered because you were not at home and deliver it again when you call them and schedule it. Also online prices for electronics are usually half off or even less than the prices you will find in stores.

    • athynz says:

      Point by point:

      “Where else are they suppose to leave it?”

      Hmmmm, let’s see… there is the front porch, or stoop. Perhaps wedged between the screen door and front door is the house has a screen door, in short anywhere else BUT in the freaking trash can.

      “This idiot tried to hide it but put it in the most relevant place where trash is left…”

      Are you saying the gift was trash? I’m not really getting the gist of this. Could you perhaps elaborate?

      “why not just buy it from the store?”

      Online retailers have special deals – ever hear of Cyber Monday?, maybe she didn’t have time to go to the store due to work, maybe because she didn’t have to go to the store or lacked the means to get there. Why not buy it online? Great way to try to place blame on the victim here rather than the idiot who was wearing a UPS uniform.

  • Tisa Walker says:

    You know what they leave my stuff where ever they want that is not why we pay the extra money this is wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Walker says:

    I have had goodservice from FedEX, but UPS has left stuff outside where anyone could take it and not protected from the weather, also actually left one in the mailbox which is against the law. pretty sorry outfit.

  • Justin Little says:

    That is so sad i would file a law suit on the UPS company for putting the package in the black trash can. That is Just horrible Yes UPS does come down the driveway walk or drive down when they leave a package. I would for sure sue the company because its their problem that and they made a dangerous mistake and the driver should Pay for a New one out of his own pocket

    • Melissa says:

      @Justin Little..She’s getting her tablet replaced, so what is the point of filing a lawsuit? I guess the mental anguish of not having it under the tree Christmas morning? It’s fine if the kid gets it a few days later.

      • athynz says:

        I understand where you are coming from but at the same time there is an issue that needs to be addressed – this is a huge black eye on UPS… and it’s not the seller’s responsibility to replace the tablet but UPS’s responsibility. I’m not saying a lawsuit is the way to go but UPS really needs to step up – as does the guy who put the package in the trash can. IMHO UPS should terminate this guy if they have not done so already AND dock his pay for the cost of the tablet.

  • Meredith says:

    The UPS guy around here delivered a non-Amazon package to the local Amazon fulfillment center near me. They leave stuff on my front step all the time.

  • emanes says:

    UPS left a $600 laptop on my front porch last week…with the word LAPTOP all over it/to top it off they also left a huge nerf toy I bought on my porch with no box…thankfully my son was home to get the laptop before it disappeared!!!

  • T says:

    What this UPS driver did was wrong. Should the company that the tablet came from have to send a new one? No, because of the mistake was the UPS driver’s not theirs. And to those complaining about “no box on their items” whoever you order the item from packages it, not the mailing company used to send you the item, so take it up with them. You can always leave a note saying where you would like your package left, tell them by calling them, or there may even be an option online, as long as you have a tracking number. Again, not trying to stick up for anyone, but use common sense especially around the holidays! Not everyone thinks the same way as you!

  • Paula says:

    UPS Ground is the absolute worse. When I lived in my apartment every package I ordered was stolen by their drivers. They would mysteriously disappear or be misdelivered. They would never take responsibility. I filed three reports with the BBB. I hate that company

  • Ms.Carter says:

    Wow! I just had an issue with an item that I brought on line. All of my items were delivered except the ipod I ordered for my daughter. The box that was supposively had the ipod in it was delivered to me empty and damaged. I had to file a police report to start an investigation in order to get the ipod back. I hope it is not true, but I honestly feel like an UPS employee took the ipod.

  • myj says:

    Ups left my childrens tablets at the porch,and i live in a building!!!iI was so pissed anyone could have taken them.

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