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Gov. McDonnell set to reveal budget Monday

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- Governor Bob McDonnell may have less than 30 days left in office, but Monday he has one very important assignment left to do -- deliver a two-year budget to state lawmakers.

Under Virginia law, even though a new governor is set to assume office in January, the outgoing governor still prepares the budget. When Virginia sets its budget, it does so for two years.

While the exact details of the governor's budget are yet to be revealed, McDonnell has already held separate events announcing key parts of his budget plan.

McDonnell announced an increased amount of funding for Pre-K and K-12 Education totaling $582.6 million. The governor also announced $183 million for higher education.

Apart from education, McDonnell announced last week $38 million in new revenue to address mental health issues, a hot topic in the aftermath of the St. Sen Creigh Deeds stabbing.

Additionally, McDonnell announced $11 million for a new slave heritage site to be located in Richmond, as well as several millions of dollars to improve the Virginia foster care system.

"This is really his final act," CBS 6 political analyst Dr. Bob Holsworth told CBS 6 political reporter Joe St. George.

But Holsworth added that the McDonnell budget will not include Medicaid expansion, an issue that Governor elect Terry McAuliffe campaigned heavily on - creating a possible point of contention with what McDonnell will outline Monday.

"I think we are setting up that tension for the legislative session and that's going to be one a lot of people are going to be focused on," Holsworth added.

One element of the equation that might ease any potential bumps in the road is that McAuliffe announced he will re-appoint McDonnell's Secretary of Finance Rick Brown. Brown will serve his 12th Governor.


  • airjackie

    Gov. McDonnell came to office looking beyond the Governorship and lost his way. Now that he is under investigation for corruption and having taxpayers pay the over priced legal fees he is giving large amounts in the budget. Ignoring the Federal Affordable Act was a mistake that could have help in mental health. Funding private educational colleges with taxpayers money. With nothing done in over two years it’s spend/promise on the way out. He was correct he will not be allowed to Patrice law due to his legal problems as the Bar Association has their rules. Other elected officials have come back from major scandals the Governor might come back too.

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