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Men in skeleton masks duct-tape teens during Chesterfield home invasion

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - When two teens answered the door at their Ransom Hills Terrace home in Chesterfield Wednesday, two men wearing skeleton masks stormed in, according to police. Police sources said the men carried bats and duct tape with them.

"It’s a quiet neighborhood, man,” Alton Coleman said.  “I'm shocked it happened right across the street."

So just how bold were these thieves carrying bats?  Neighbors said a state trooper lives next door to the house where the crime was committed.

"Do it right there with a state police officer living there,” said Coleman. “That's pretty gutsy."

The teens were not injured in the crime, but were tied up with the duct tape, police said. The suspects stole electronics, clothing and furs.

"Alarming, makes me nervous, man,” Ryan Short said. “I mean, it's right across the street.”

And so close to Christmas.

The victimized teens just lost their mother to an illness, neighbors said.


  • dizzy

    Believe it or not its all the ghetto section 8ers in the burbs causing crime to rise.best kept secret houses are being rented for vouchers all over the counties now.

  • shawn

    yes Henrico led the way and it spread like fire.Its now the handout class,not the middle class.Obama did keep his promise in this one area.Remember when you had to have a good job and work hard to live in decent places,eat at nice places and go to the best schools,not anymore.

  • Michael

    oh yeah, section 8 just started in the suburbs during the Obama administration…not!!! .what a stupid response.

    • athynz

      Started during the Obama Administration no, skyrocketed during his administration yes indeed. Get your head out of the sand dude.

      However that does not mean there is a correlation between increased Section 8 housing and this crime – there is plenty of crime committed by people who do not live in Section 8 housing. It sounds more like someone who knew when these kids would be most vulnerable and decided to act. No matter what the case it was a very common thing to do and I hope they are able to find the jerks who did this.

  • Average Joe

    It’s very alarming that with just about every criminal act that’s committed, someone finds a way to blame the government or race. Crime doesn’t discriminate and it’s GPS takes you to every neighborhood. I doubt at all that Section 8 has anything to do with the crime. Home invasion is a very bold crime usually the result of drug abuse or mental instability. I feel for the teens that have to deal with losing their mom & now this. Why can’t we as a people focus on the issues instead of pointing fingers & blame? Some privileged kids commit stupid crimes out of boredom. My brother in law grew up with parents who took good care of him & supported him in every way. They never used drugs or exposed him to an unhealthy lifestyle. Guess where he is now…IN PRISON. Let’s stop blaming the wrong people of circumstances and focus on making our neighborhoods safe again. MADOFF embezzled millions, guess he was a SECTION 8er too…SMH

    • dizzy

      Whats up now?after years of negativity could it be the burbs are experiencing how the other half lives?your biggest F up is you still kow tow to people you should’nt.

  • Jonesed

    It’s Politically Correct with Profile Protections by Government, that
    you cannot, will not, speak out against this particular Government Administration, its policies or it’s profiled favorites. Otherwise, it
    IS perfectly correct and beautifully loving, kind, caring to attack any
    and all opposition. Even the Richmond Mayor is scared, but his
    safety comes before Public Safety.

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