Shooter dead at Colorado high school, injuries reported

Posted on: 3:16 pm, December 13, 2013, by , updated on: 05:17pm, December 13, 2013

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WATCH: Live coverage of active shooter scene at Arapahoe High School in Colorado:

CENTENNIAL, Colo. —The suspect in the shooting at Arapahoe High School is dead of what appears to have been a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Sheriff Grayson Robinson told reporters.

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s office has confirmed at least two individuals were injured during a shooting at Arapahoe High School on Friday afternoon.

The dead gunman was a male student at the high school, Sheriff Grayson Robinson told reporters. He declined to identify the student.

“We have not been able to locate a second suspect, but that’s part of our ongoing investigation,” the sheriff said.

The shooting began after the student entered the school and identified a teacher whom he wanted to confront, Robinson said. That teacher was informed of the situation and exited, he added. One student was taken to a hospital in serious condition with a gunshot wound; another was injured, though the cause was not clear, he said.

All schools in the area were on lockdown.  The high school, with a student population of 2,229 students, has 70 classrooms. The school, which was built in 1964, is part of the Littleton Public Schools system.

This shooting comes  a year after the Sandy Hook elementary shooting in Newtown, CT, which happened Dec. 14, 2012. Shooter Adam Lanza allegedly killed 20 children and six adults at the school, and his mother was found murdered at their house.

Columbine High School is nearby, also in the Littleton school district. Two seniors at the high school killed 13 people on April 20, 1999, before taking their own lives. A total of 24 other students were injured and explosives were located on the scene.

Columbine High is approximately eight minutes away.


The school is located at the intersection of South University Boulevard and East Dry Creek Road.

Dozens of children could be seen walking away from the school, with their hands in the air. Some stood in lines at what appeared the high school track field, where they appeared to be undergoing police pat-downs.

Read more on KDVR, our sister station in Colorado. 


  • Rekula Tsuj says:

    Not again… when will this madness stop?

  • Let me guess. Another gun free zone… When will these lunatics learn to read the signs? Really sad.

  • shawn says:

    surely reason to add more gun laws.If we just make more laws then crooks would turn their guns in and nobody would be robbed or shot.Because we all know the thugs are gonna follow the law?

    • I know. Or make bigger “gun free zone signs”. Man, those mass murderers must have bad eye sight.

    • George Shute says:

      Surely we should just give everyone guns, Can you imagine how awesome of a shoot-out it would have been if everyone had been armed? The crossfire, the confusion, the police not being able to tell who was the criminal and who wasn’t… Man, it would be glorious!

      Fun fact: During the Gabriel Giffords shooting there was a man in the audience with a concealed handgun who was going to shoot, what he thought, was the perpetrator: a middle-aged man moving through the crowd holding a gun. The man decided not to fire on the believed suspect. Good thing, too, because it was plainclothes security for the Senator. If he had acted on his impulse, he wouldn’t have stopped the actual shooter, but shot a member of the security detail doing their job, instead.

      BTW, the person that actually did stop Gabriel Giffords’ shooter was unarmed.

      I know this might seem shocking to some of you muttonheaded nitwits, but situations like this are best left to actual professionals with actual training, not yahoo wannabe-action-heroes with vigilante fetishes. Your irresponsible idiocy is more likely to get more people injured or killed than actually save the day.

      • “Surely we should just give everyone guns, Can you imagine how awesome of a shoot-out it would have been if everyone had been armed? The crossfire, the confusion, the police not being able to tell who was the criminal and who wasn’t… Man, it would be glorious!”

        Do you have any statistical data to prove your claim? I do to think so. FBI and CDC statistics prove otherwise.

  • kitty says:

    And they talk about black people…..bush your own race like they did….for the knockout game story that happened in west end of richmond….hmmm nothing to say huh?….

    • You think? And how is that going to affect criminals/loonies? Want an example… Drugs are banned, and we still have a drug problem. That is how true your logic works.

      • kitty says:

        U stoopid….I know the facts….guns need to go…period….forget your logic about drugs….shoot ain’t no stopping that… goes deeper then u can imagine…we need to make the world safer for our kids by stop selling of guns…how u think the criminals get them….shoot they can’t go buy them from a gun store without being screen and most are convictedso wwhat’s that next step to rob someone who has them a irresponsible white person…never have them locked away or a lock on them so if society can’t do the right thing …banned them from purchasing them all citizens…..criminals can’t work without them

      • Well, I have facts that prove you are wrong. What do you have? If you dislike the right to protect yourself, and are looking for a world where only criminals and loonies have guns, you are welcomed to relocate to Iran, where you do not have that right.

      • kitty says:

        OK show me the facts….and not your opinion…. That’s all I’m voicing is mine……so tell it to someone that gives a pluck about what u say….I know one fact our blacks kids don’t go around shooting up their schools or parents….cause they getting teased or don’t like their parents rules

  • kitty says:

    And if we band guns all around…except for law and combat officers we wouldn’t have this problem at all…..y make more laws for citizens to carry ….if we banned guns period. white kids wouldn’t be able to go shooting other kids or kill their parents…cause as u can see white parents are not responsible and talk about black people not raising their kids right….smdh!!!!!

    • If you banned guns, then only criminals would have them. Do you know that drugs are ilegal? They have already been banned… For a long time. They are coming from overseas all of the time.

  • clarajeaves says:

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  • me says:

    Kitty..if you dont like the rights that we are trying to protect as americans, then you should leave the country and go live with the terrorist you support

    • kitty says:

      @ me….heck nawh I don’t…if the laws were working then we wouldn’t have incident s like this which have been a lot of innocent kids/getting killed…u freaking move there since u like the gun laws we have were kids do carry guns and gone militants….shoot…that’s what it feels like here…..and what protection saved those dead and injured kids over the years……oh our gun law did

  • Jay says:

    How can someone honestly think that when weapons are banned, that all the criminals in the country are going to abide by said law. That’s why criminals, are considered criminals, they don’t follow the rules. Do you really think that they are going to lay down there weapons as well, look at Chicago, murder capitol of the country, look at NYC… look at drugs. Drug dealers follow that law, correct? And @Kitty, this issue has nothing to do with race, if anything your comments are racists, and are tearing this country apart more than anything. Blacks kill blacks EVERY day, one on one in the streets of the housing projects, and all over this country, as do other races, however, those instances are not news worthy. Mainstream media wants big stories like this to stir controversy like it’s doing as we speak; they thrive on tension and breed comments like yours. I am a responsible gun owning American citizen, who happens to be black, and I am offended by your comments. If someone were to make comments in the reverse, I’m sure you would not be so enthused about that now would you? As an educated person, I hope, you should do your research on issues first, instead of insulting others. My prayers go out to those injured.

    • kitty says:

      Yarns….. I watch news and read stories about guns from all over the world I don’t need to do research I live in the insane world at times…I put race in it cause of all the race bashing in the comments on this site about black people committing crime .I don’t care if your offended what u gonna do about its my opinion….and we know criminals not gonna follow the law idiot but why make it easy for them to get gun access from irresponsible gun owners .. Dismissed!!!!…..brotha

      • Jay says:

        So you’re a better person for doing exactly the same thing you are trying to preach to others about? You’re complaining about race bashing, however you are doing it yourself. You are right it’s your opinion, and you are entitled to it. However that is not the dilemma; it is your hypocritical attitude that you portray, as well as your uneducated, ungrammatical comments. Yes its sad that there is race bashing comments on any site, you would think that in 2013, we would not have this problem. “Why make it easy for them to get gun access from irresponsible gun owners”…. These people, get guns from criminals, you know the same place you can get those illicit drugs, controlled substances, like prescription pills. There is an unprecedented amount of violence, crime, hate, and greed in this world. An example of hate would be your use of the word ignorant towards someone you do not know, nor have you ever met. On a side note, like most, my guns are locked up and in a safe location, and, or, on me at all times. This translates to; no access what so ever from any one other than myself. So if you want to impede this insane world that you speak of, there is an abundance of ways you could accomplish this. If you cant figure it out, or if your words “I don’t need to do research I live in the insane world at times” is suffice, then you could all ways start with yourself, and lead by example, not by being a follower. By the way, Ill dismiss myself, I do appreciate your enthusiasm though. Thank you!

  • kitty says:

    Not reading this/long as story…. Have a merry Christmas and happy new year….

    • Jay says:

      I understand, my choice of words may be beyond your level of education. It may be worth your while to read my “story”. Maybe you will learn something. Have a blessed day, and New Year.

  • Carol Land says:


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