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Vicious prank left woman glued to Home Depot toilet

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BANKS COUNTY, Ga.– A Georgia woman is in pain and furious after being glued to a Home Depot toilet seat.

WSB-TV spoke Illyanna De La Keur who, after nearly two weeks, still remains bound to her couch.

She said not only is she suffering but she is embarrassed.

“I’m a grown woman who can’t even sit up,” De La Keur said. “I was stuck probably over an hour.”

She said when she went to a Home Dept restroom and never noticed anyone had tampered with seats until it was too late.

Emergency crews used WD-40 to free her from the seat, a move questioned by the sister. Family members want to know why paramedics didn’t just remove the seat from the toilet and let a doctor remove the seat from De La Keur.

A Home Depot representative told WSB the company left De La Keur two voice messages and mailed a letter to her.


  • Clay Morrow

    That’s hilarious, made my day. She could have pried her fat behind off there, who is to say she didn’t do it herself. I never heard of a woman who sat bare behind on a public toilet, much less doesn’t notice something is wrong from the git go. I guess she will file a lawsuit.

  • Becky Blanchard

    There is nothing funny about this at all,clay. I can only imagine how imbarrassed this poor lady was! and no she couldn’t just pry her”fat behind” off of there. I have accidentally gotten superglue on my fingers and gotten them stuck together before. You have to be careful how you get unstuck or you will lose skin and it will be painful. oh and I sit down on the seat when I use it. I don’t hover,and neither does every other woman.Frankly you sound like the kind of jerk who would do something like this as a joke..

  • Almerick Parker

    Seems sketchy.. SUPER glue..dries fast esp if someone applied it before her….yes It will bond skin….but I dont see super glue staying wet..if that is what type of adhesive used…now many other adhesives dont dry as would take a unless she was taking a nap on the seat seems hard also… just wondering..I wasnt there..I am NOT calling her a liar or she did it… just that the pieces of puzzle dont fit at moment

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