Airline asks passengers what they want for Christmas, delivers gifts at baggage claim

Posted on: 3:23 pm, December 10, 2013, by

In a video guaranteed to make you smile, Canadian airline WestJet fulfilled Christmas wishes for its passengers following a recent flight.

Prior to takeoff, a virtual Santa Claus asked passengers at the Toronto and Hamilton International Airports what they wanted for Christmas. Once they boarded their flight to Calgary, the WestJet team went on a shopping spree.

Over 150 WestJet employees played the part of Santa’s elves, purchasing and wrapping dozens of presents that were delivered to shocked passengers at baggage claim.

WestJet posted about the event on their blog:

In early August, we sat down with our friends at studio m and started brainstorming what ‘giving’ looked like at its best. We wanted to do something big, exciting and fresh.

Fast forward three months and, with the help of 175 WestJet volunteers, three airports and Santa himself, we made a Christmas miracle happen for more than 250 guests on two Calgary-bound flights.

We know that Santa has a very busy schedule at this time of year, and can’t be everywhere. So we did what WestJetters do best, and helped him spread some Christmas magic to our guests..

WestJet promised they will donate flights to needy families if the advertisement reached 200,000 views on YouTube. It currently has almost 1.1 million views.


  • That has to be one of the nicest stories to read today.

  • BB says:

    Wow! How Wonderful!

  • Lakeshia A Powell says:

    This was very touching and such a great idea. It made me cry to see all the Christmas wishes come true. No one was expecting the gifts. This was the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time. You see blessings really do come when u least expect them. Whoever came up with this idea was brilliant. Merry Christmas.

  • Sure, it might be tempting to say it was a great promotion, but it exceeded all expectations. The shoppers had fun; the passengers were delighted – both before and after the flight. And, yes, the airlines received an abundance of good will. Merry Christmas to ALL…

  • lmwaller says:

    amazing story. made me cry! what a true blessing!!

  • Susan Hall says:

    This is one word is “FANTASTIC!!!!” I truely loved this.. Whomever came up with this idea is a genius.. To the Corporation of Westjet , my hats off to you and your many staff, you truely have a heart of gold..I have to admit , it made me cry.WTG guys!!!!!! Keep up the great work .

  • I want to extend my congratulations to WestJet for a truly fantastic idea! To Santa and his many, many helpers: “way to go guys!” For everyone that felt wonderful after seeing this video: BELIEVE!!!

  • Moi d says:

    Mad me cry. Canadians are some of the most polite and kind people on the planet.

  • Brice says:

    wow, that is amazing! where do i sign up lol

  • Cindy Kureth says:

    This airlines is on God’s favorite list!

  • Nancy B Gagnon says:

    Bless them all very much!

  • BarbS says:

    Wow, you Canadians really know how to do things right! Congratulations to WestJet; I can’t imagine an employee leaving the company after something like this.

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