Why is Richmond taking school superintendent search behind closed doors?

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Public meetings the Richmond School Board said would happen in the days and weeks leading up to choosing the city's new school superintendent will not happen.

Under state law, the Richmond School Board had 180 days from when Dr. Yvonne Brandon resigned to name her permanent replacement. That deadline is Dec. 27.

After holding several forums over the summer, Richmond School Board Chairman Jeff Bourne said the elected officials have now decided to carry out the rest of their process out of the public's view.

"We've gotta wrestle with these issues as a board and ask the community to be patient," Bourne said.

He said the decision to exclude the community from the superintendent search, at this point, was due to fears that too much input would hinder the selection process.

"What we don't want to do is prematurely identify a candidate. That not only impedes our ability to get the right person, but, we also don't want to damage anybody's professional reputation or credibility," Bourne said.

Bourne said the board had narrowed its choices to 10 candidates. He said those candidates would be interviewed and the board planned to make a decision before Christmas.


  • Glen Allen

    The School Superintendent position is not an elected position. The selection should happen behind closed doors. The School Board did meet with the public over the summer as indicated in this article, the point of those meetings was to get public input, which they did in fact obtain.

    This school board has been on the job for over a year now and has accomplished next to nothing, they need to stop dragging their feet and make an impact on the district. Running a district with several high level positions filled with temporary (or “acting”) employees is not the way to make the changes they were elected to do.

  • Clay Morrow

    What a joke, we all know that Mayor Jones is hiring the superintendent. I guarantee the new super will be an attractive AA female from a school district up north. Which will be better anyway than a recycled reject like Henrico hired last time.

  • BB

    Just ask the Mayor who he has pre-selected and set up.
    Hidden, closed doors, back room “deals” are Richmond Government. How clear and transparent does it need to get.
    If the Mayor hasn’t set it up to suit like everything else, it
    just won’t be his “Correct” form of governance; His Way.
    He’ll railroad them out like the others. Even his scandalous,
    hand picked, Executive Management Team had to be booted out.
    Trust the Mayor’s Set ups. They always exceed expectations! NOT!


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