Richmond Police investigate ‘knockout’ street crimes

Posted on: 1:34 pm, December 9, 2013, by , updated on: 08:45am, December 10, 2013

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – There is a group of teenagers going around Richmond and knocking out people on the streets, Richmond Police Det. W. Cutshall said. The teens then steal whatever they want from the victim.

“It’s two to three, sometimes four male juveniles knocking pedestrians or bicyclists to the ground,” Det. Cutshall said. “When they knock them to the ground, they begin punching them and kicking them and taking whatever they have in their possession.”

The crimes, two reported in October and two reported last week, are focused in the Randolph neighborhood around S. Allen Ave. , Idlewood Ave. and Kemper St.

Knockout game

The teens steal iPods, cell phones and bicycles, Cutshall said. He said the crime did not appear to be gang related. At least one of the victims was a VCU student.

The victims’ injuries in the attacks have grown more serious recently, he added. In some instances victims have been knocked unconscious or lost teeth in the attack.

“The suspects are pretty much the same description, they are described usually as black males between the ages of 14 and 16. They are 5′ 8″, thin and usually have short hair,” he said. “Every one of the victims so far has been a white male, approximately 18 – 21 years of age.”

He said the teens have not said anything to the victims during the attacks.

“They’re just knocking them to the ground and taking whatever and taking off with it,” Cutshall said.

When asked if the Richmond crimes were considered the “Knockout Game,” a crime trend reported in cities like New York and Philadelphia, Det. Cutshall noted the similarities and differences.

“I understand the knockout game is more of an assault. They don’t even seem to take anything,” he said. “This is similar, but yet different. This is an assault with something being taken. That seems to be the difference.”

Cutshall said the crimes happen between 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. He said the victims are alone at the time.

“We’re hoping the public can help us [stop] these particular robberies,” he said. “We would like VCU students and the public in that area to be vigilant and more aware of their surroundings.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 804-780-1000.


  • Brad says:

    I really wish the media would stop referring to this as a “game”. This is a crime.

    • JJ Tyrone Watts says:

      You think it would be a game if we called it a “lynching game” of young black males? Hmm…thanks for the double standard everyone! I’M the racist, not those committing violent felonies against innocents.

      • scars says:

        You’re a racist because you only care when blacks are committing the crimes. If the perp is white, there are about a million different excuses for why they do it. If it is a black person, you think it is “in their nature”. Does that help you figure out where you are going wrong? And by the way, I’m white — so you can save your racist insults.

    • dizzy says:

      students need to start playing the shoot the thieving A hole game.

    • Lisa Lamb says:

      sounds like a hate crime to me oh can’t do that it’s a black on white thing

    • Anila Abhay says:

      Knockout game was actually a kind of assault all for the amusement of the attackers and their accomplices. Maybe that is why it’s called a knockout game.

  • karol says:

    just a matter of time before they try this on the right person and they will be shot as has happen in other states.Then the media and president will defend the thugs and claim they were just going to get skittles.And they wonder why people cross the street when they see a group of thugs,stop wandering.

  • Joe says:

    Please come my way. I am armed all the time.

    • C says:

      Me 2 Joe! Not to kill well guess I could if my life was at stake but armed to def do some damage. Lived in NYC and had to be ready, needed my training once there but the best one was the guy who tired to rob me at Xmas in Burlington one year. I put him in ICU for over a week, the police were highly impressed!

  • karol says:

    or wondering,either way your time is coming

  • meggemann says:

    I agree with Joe and Karol. It is a matter of time before they run into a legally armed citizen who will shoot them. This is a silly and petty thing to lose your life over. Assaulting strangers and threatening their lives is NOT a game!

  • bgardner says:

    Not a game….it’s caused a mugging. Typical Richmond type crime….but I guess the new ballpark will make it all go away.

  • Matt Ellen says:

    When will the media call this what it really is?? Black youths beating white people. It’s called a “hate crime”. You can bet your a$$ it would be called that if it was the other way around. One of these kids will end up getting killed in the very near future.

  • karol says:

    black on white crime will never be a hate crime.The bad part when they do meet up with a legally armed white person and get shot the white victim will then be charged with a hate crime by the police and media.Also they pick their victims carefully,usually small white innocent looking females,sometimes males or elderly.

  • John says:

    Some of you sound as stupid as the kids who are actually committing the crimes. It is no hate crime because it would be far worse. It is a bunch of stupid kids with nothing better to do with their lives except try to make it worth for other people. If anyone were to kill someone without their life being in danger(meaning you have to think they are going to kill you) then you would be charged with murder. Now for those of us who carry, we all know that we can not shoot someone for beating on us. Now if this were to happen to me on the other hand I will have my can of mace and spray in directly in their eyes then pull out my tazer and zap them until they hit the ground. Them I will pull out the handgun and make the strip naked and then call the police to knock the idiots up. After all that is said I done I will then post of you tude and I assure you they wouldn’t do anything like that again, oh and I’ll keep my freedom!!

    • brando says:

      You’re telling me that if you’re on the ground getting kicked and punched and beaten up, you’d go for your mace first?
      Listen, if you’re in this situation and you put a few hollow points into the guys doing this to you, it’s self defense. You walk.
      You cannot, however, shoot at them after the beating while they’re running. But in the heat of the beatdown, I’d expect you to place a few hollow points center mass.
      Fists are weapons, too. And they can be just as deadly as a pistol.

      People need to stop being so polite to criminals like this.

  • kitty says:

    At Karol…really you gonna compare this to the Trayvon Martin death…some of ya’ll are some cold hearted people……disgust me

  • kitty says:

    i hate people ……report said they knocked out people so it’s any race not white…..if it was white it would be called a hate crime idiots ya’ll to into this just pass the word to be carefull and try to get these kids off the streets before someone really gets hurt…and you cant just go around shooting people especially when they dont have a weapon..

    • notadreamer says:

      So Kitty…You’re telling me they are just “kids”. Wonder how you’d feel if it was you, your kids or family? Just nothing better to do? They could volunteer at the homeless shelter, food kitchen, animal shelter. MY kids never went around randomly assaulting black people. Maybe if I told them it was a fun “game”!!! Do you think allow black youths to do what they want when they want helps them become good members of society?

    • grain of salt says:

      The article clearly said all the victims were white males. It also noted all the perpetrators were black males.. So.. yeah it is 100% black on white that we are talking about here. These are attempted murders.. one person falls and hits their head.. or is kicked the wrong way.. they are dead. But.. lib media makes this sound less evil by just calling it a game.. nice. I hope someone takes out some of these players and makes others think that they might actually face real consequences.. instead of the joke of our legal system.

  • Irked says:

    umm…no the article specifically stated it’s mostly black people knocking out white people. How can that not be considered a hate crime?

    • Irked is an idiot says:


      You don’t even know what a hate crime is. these misguided kids are opportunists. charging these thugs with a hate crime would be giving them too much credit. They mugging people, they aren’t even saying race based words.

      Hate crimes are crimes committed with a motive solely on racist hatred.

  • David says:

    @Kitty, the report actually states that all of the victims so far have been white males between 18-21. It also says the extent of the injuries have started to become more serious, which means more than likely it’s only a matter of time before these punks kill someone.

  • karol says:

    john you need to read the law on self defense or put your gun in a safe,you have your facts wrong and kitty well nothing to say to you but enjoy being a victim.If I am being beaten by four people and in fear of my life,yes I can shoot.

  • kitty says:

    To David u are correct tried to edit but no option….I feel they did cause they looked weaker….they will come across the wrong one and get dealt with this is ridiculous when u work hard for something and someone comes along and think they have the right… Hope they do get the stiffiest fines and jail time….dayum idiots

  • kitty says:

    @ karol if that’s the case then it would be so many dead people now if it was OK to do so..and I didn’t say nothing should be done, but shooting someone is a whole new level hope u can live with that

    • Frank Smith says:

      You sound like people are out hunting black folks. No, the armed people are simply saying that if it happens to them, they will defend themselves with deadly force.

  • Jason Brown says:

    No this is a national set-up so people will be in fear of Black people and Have a justifiable reason to kill innocent Black youth and start a race war. It’s just the 1% and nationalist groups trying to distract everyone else from what they are really doing.

    • notadreamer says:

      I fear black people…at least the amount of tax dollars that will eventually be taken from me and redistributed to them…

  • Paula Kennedy says:

    You attempt to knock me or my family….they will pick your dead dumb a** of the street!!! People wonder why legal citizens carry handguns….here is a prime example. Punch of stupid punks!!

  • john hardee says:

    As someone trained in the legalities of use of force situations I can assure all of you that if you are being attacked by 3-4 individuals and reasonably fear for your life than you may use deadly force to stop the attack. This is basic self defense 101. They don’t need any sort of weapon. 3-4 people using kicks and punches could easily kill or cause serious bodily harm. Stop being sheeple and protect yourselves.

  • Jason Hops says:

    You anti-Whites make excuse after excuse to turn every White country into a non-White country- Genocide.

    You anti-Whites rationalize and justify White children living as minorities in their own homes- Genocide.

    You anti-Whites justify a future without White children- Genocide.

    When you are exposed for the genocide you support, you call us names, send us death threats, and get us fired from our jobs.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • You Can't Simmer the Zimmer says:

    “No this is a national set-up so people will be in fear of Black people and Have a justifiable reason to kill innocent Black youth and start a race war”

    Thou doth protest much.

  • Hgib says:

    Please everyone, lets just get the message out to these children to stop this sort of behavior or they will be punished. After all we have failed these young people by not educating them. They simply don’t know that they could actually kill somebody by playing a game. Then it might be too late for them to lead a productive life when people find out about something they did as youngsters.

    • notachance says:

      Idiot! The REAL problem is that they think it’s a game to assault people. How much ed-u-ma-cation does ya need to know that hitting someone in the head is wrong? Typical lib, making excuses for something. Go ahead and call that racist. Just the pot calling the kettle African. Very easy to declare racism…much harder to justify the criminal action of those involved.

    • Frank Smith says:

      Wow. You’re saying that they are just a little misguided, and only if we could just show them how wrong this is. Sweetie, they are far past the point of understanding that this is wrong.

      And their mothers will say they didn’t do it. <<Really sad.

    • Paula Kennedy says:

      Innocent children? Don’t know any better? What are you a nut case? My 8 year old knows better then to hit, kick, or punch another person. If they come for me, I will teach them a valuable lesson. No one and I mean no one treats any member of my family like a piece of trash then runs away!! I will use deadly force and have no problem when they fall like dominos. This liberal awwww poor kids mentality needs to stop and if it takes violence to stop it, oh well!!! If these children harm a lawyers family, a judges family or a police officers family, you can beat your sweet a**, these children will never see freedom!! My family is no different!!!!

  • Hgib says:

    We do nothing to help these young people to become good members of society. We have failed them at every turn. Instead of criticizing them we need desperately to be thinking about what we can do to help them. After all we all were young once and I dare say we all did a few crazy things as youngsters. Let that sink in…..

    • notachance says:

      Crazy yes…assault with intent? No. Society didn’t do this to them…the parents (most likely mother only) did. Not my job to teach a 18 y/o values…if he doesn’t know them then he needs to be put in prison. That is all society owes them at this point….3 hots and a cot!

    • Paula Kennedy says:

      Well why don’t you take your butt down to their houses and teach them right from wrong!!! They know right from wrong, they choose to do wrong and then scream it’s all the white mans fault. Take a big pill of “shut up” and then head down there and tell them not to act like that anymore or you will give them a time out!! Idiot!

  • Hgib says:

    Yes stand up and help these kids.

  • jesus says:

    GUNS,GUNS,GUNS!!! why don’t these whites being attacked get
    a GUN and kill these pieces of shits,I am from Texas,we wish these
    pussies would try that with us,we need the target practice,but those
    pussy NIGS would never ever try it with us.

  • Hgib says:

    That’s the problem, too many young African Americans incarcerated already. Just put them in prison? Really? For how long? It’s a game to them. These young people have had to fight in their neighborhoods just to survive. It is all they know.put them in prison for a fistfight?

    • notachance says:

      No Hg, we’re going to all pitch in and have them move in with you. You can feel free to lecture and rehabilitate them to your hearts content. Once you realize that’s a lost cause you’ll agree to lock them up until them can no longer hurt anyone in civilized society. If that’s 1 year then great…if life, that’s great too

    • Frank Smith says:

      By now, everyone here sees you are either being sarcastic, or you are just naive. You call it a fistfight. I think you are simply an idiot.

    • countryboy says:

      Now what exactly do you consider a fist fight?do u think an innocent pedestrian riding their bike and being knocked off their bike by a group of young men then beaten toothless for no apparant reason other thanbeing “WHITE” is a fistfight?HAHAHA I THINK ME AND YOU SHOULD HAVE A FISTFIGHT.COME RIDE YOUR BIKE DOWN MY BACK ROAD BUDDY

  • BB says:

    When in the name of Political Correct-Mess will liberal, progressives
    and Democrats come to actualize the reality that their strongest
    voter block is using guns and making our streets dangerous,
    violent and deadly? Even the Richmond Mayor is scared and
    requires his own protection. Public Safety doesn’t appear to
    be The Priority. Knockout “Game” gang violence increasing
    and blacks are attacking whites. Know, of course, that PC
    automatically refuses and excuses that as a hate crime. As a Political Arm and Army of the Administration, NAACP where are you? Black Caucus? Sharpton? Jackson? Obama? Holder?
    Not transparent enough when it is Nationwide day-after-day,
    every day? Pretend governance is Failing to recognize the obvious.
    It’s not only reprehensible it’s deliberate and agenda driven.

  • Hunter says:

    Hows about we all start playing the ‘Empty-the-Clip’ game on some of these useless little ‘Urban Yutes’. The first one to empty his clip into some knockout game F-Head wins!

  • killthemall says:

    “The suspects are pretty much the same description, they are described usually as black males between the ages of 14 and 16. They are 5′ 8″, thin and usually have short hair,” he said. “Every one of the victims so far has been a white male, approximately 18 – 21 years of age.”

    how is this not a hate crime?

  • J.L says:

    All I have to say is if they approach me or my fiance, they will be in for a rude awakening! I won’t be playing around. This crap is getting ridiculous.

  • Todd says:

    It is so sad that in Richmond we are forced to endure racism in all its ugly forms. There is little human concern unless the victim’s color falls in the same category as those who are hearing the story. This is a race crime for one reason alone: the victims are exclusively of a color other than the attackers in each and every case. Here is another way of looking at it…A group of white teens are attacking black males ages 18 – 21. If that would be a hate crime then so is this (and that would be a hate crime). I understand that these individuals have been failed by someone but I do not believe it is the system…that is just allowing excuses to be made for them. To say the system failed them is ignorant and shows a true racist heart. There are some amazing young black and white people who have lived in the same situations as these boys (I assume they are boys and not girls) but have work hard and used the same system to get ahead. Thees young men are bullies and they probably bullied many children (both black and white) who were just trying to better themselves. These criminals are not neglected, in fact, if the real story ever comes out, we will probably find they were mentored by racist parents or uncles or leaders who taught them to hate, causing our problems in Richmond to become greater and greater. We are never going to win if we can’t place ourselves in the shoes of each other. There are some wonderful black and white people in Richmond who need to come together and fight all racism because we are in trouble but these boys are racist criminals and if you refuse to open your eyes to that then you are the problem and not the solution.

  • countryboy says:

    im gonna ride my bike down that street with a 357 snub nose and shoot those little fuckers dead in their mouths when they try to hit me.

  • Captain Steve says:

    “There is a group of teenagers going around Richmond and knocking out people on the streets.”

    Why libel innocent groups by association? Tell it like it is. It’s black males! They are basically packs of feral humans. Avoid them to stay safe.


    It is painfully obvious how many White people on this post have very little contact with Black people. Ever since Obama has been elected the threat level of fear is at Level Orange. These arent racially motivated attacks they are robberies, plain and simple. White students and males are targeted because they have money or things of value or so the thinking goes, the same way Black & non-White males are targeted by Police because they are criminals or in the act of comitting crime.

    I am half White and growing up around Whites and Blacks & other non Whites has revealed that most of this racial fear mongering is based in WHITE PEOPLE.

    America is not falling apart it is changing. I can’t wait for another White Republican to be elected so that real dialogue can begin about the issues that are causing these types of crimes.

    • kitty says:

      Well put…thank you….someone connected with the real world ….

    • Not easily led says:

      You have been brainwashed is all. Wake up to what’s really happening. America IS falling apart. We have fallen behind many countries in many categories because of our complacency. America certainly is changing and not for the better. You can be as naive as you like but don’t blame what’s happening here on fear mongering OPINION and your OPINION that it’s white people doing it.

    • That is funny because in a lot of the cases nationwide absolutely NOTHING is taken from the victims. Robbery is merely an afterthought. 80,000 white farmers in South Africa have been MURDERED and TORTURED to death since Apartheid ended in South Africa. Also funny, is they use “robbery” as a motive for murder there as well, even little or nothing is taken from the farmers except their lives. Its not robbery friend, its cold blooded race based hatred. Blacks have been taught their whole lives to hate the white man while white kids have been indoctrinated to hate themselves as well. We are seeing the end results. White people are shaking off their white guilt complex and real changes are going to be made soon. Just watch.

  • Jimmy says:

    The people committing these crimes in other cities are starting to be shot and killed, I hope that trend follows here.

  • Neighbor says:

    packing …. r you ?

  • MeToo says:

    The alarming crimes happening in Richmond are rooted in black and white experiences; however, many of the youth (14-16 yo) are not aware of the complexities of racism that impact their behavior. The lack of knowledge present in our Richmond segregated culture is apparent to the public based on race. But within our smaller concentrated communities the level of violence seen and tolerated on a NORMAL, EVERY DAY basis varies!! What may seem like a fist-fight to some, could very well appear as an attempted murder deserving (the same act of) death to others.

    All I’ll close with is my gratitude for God’s mercy and sovereignty in allowing such acts to open the doors of dialogue and hopefully in this lifetime, cause us to embrace a social change representative of our common acts of neighborly love. Although, I’m aware that that change would only result from a system with more economic equality, I’m hopeful still.

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