Officers curse at rowdy students after school bus driver calls 911

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(WTVC) — A Georgia police officer and his colleague have been suspended after they used foul language to discipline some rowdy students.

The local police chief said he usually keeps things like these under wraps, but said he felt the community needed to know what happened.

It started with a 911 call made by a bus driver when more than 50 kids on her bus were out of control and she couldn’t focus on driving.

The officer who responded boarded the bus. Video captured him cursing as he addressed the students, although he ultimately remained calm.

“What if (the driver) flips the bus over or hits somebody? You think it’s (expletive) funny? … You’re hiding your face. Look at me like a man. You wanna grow up and be a man? Look at me like a (expletive) man. … (The driver has) no tolerance for this (expletive) cause she expects more out of 12, 13, 14 year olds,” were a few of the things he said.

Meanwhile, outside of the bus, investigators said another officer was swearing at a student who was pulled aside, but that part was not caught on tape.

The two officers involved were assigned to complete 40 hours of community service.

They will also complete additional training on verbal communication.

By Alyssa Spirato


  • April says:

    Pretty sure they needed a few cuss words….

    • Alma says:

      I agree April I agree.

    • Deborah Woolley says:

      I’m SURE they’ve all heard it before! It wasn’t new to their little ears!!! I agree with the cop

    • Brenda says:

      They probably need more then a cussing. I think their parents should have to take them to school for at least a week and pick them up

    • Trese says:

      I bet the “problem kids” on the bus wouldn’t hesitate to curse out that bus driver… what recourse does she have.??? what recourse does the cop have, being that they apparently aren’t respecting “just the uniform”?

    • Samantha says:

      I am sure most of their parents cuss them out too. But these worthless parents want to make a big deal of a cop finishing the job!! I would have punched them in the face (like my mom did for me)!!!

      • Joan Candy says:

        So because your parent was white trash and punched you in the face and used profanity at you (and obviously turned YOU into white trash because you think this type of treatment is acceptable), you now think its OK to treat everyone else’s children like this?
        Its the scum of the earth like you and your kind that is what is wrong with our country. Trash begets trash. This is why I send my children to private school, to keep them away from the dregs of society such as yourself.

      • Cynthia says:

        Joan Candy, was that really what you got out of what she said?!?!? I dont see her as white trash, and I didnt read that her mom beat up on her either, i see a loving mom standing up for her kid to another kid who may have been a bully. I am definitely not white trash, heck, im not even white … but its parents like you that stereotype and stick their noses in the air thinking they are better than the rest of us, but your kids are no different than my own. I dare say my kids are better than you and your kids. I taught my kids to respect and obey and not to judge others, you never know what hardships life has dealt them.

      • Faye Prichard says:

        Joan Candy, When you are calling names and making vile comments about others, I would suggest that you are probably not in the best place to declare yourself as superior. I too agree that sometimes, bad behavior needs harsh treatment. Children take signals from us about their behavior. If we respond too calmly we are often sending a message that the infraction wasn’t of great importance. But the message you have just sent here isn’t one I’d want my children to see. When people disagree with us, we’re not likely to change their minds by denigrating them and behaving poorly ourselves.

  • Rekula Tsuj says:

    Funny, because I’m sure at least two-thirds of those kids have probably said much worse about each other in a much more explicative way.

  • Yawanna be says:

    They listened didn’t they! lol

  • danny briggs says:

    come on parents your kids are not saints they cuss like a sailor the officer told them like they talk and understand

  • Steve says:

    The little sh!tbags needed some strong language. I could of been one of those kids when I was that age. I know what I would have responded to and as far as I am concerned the officers choice of words was appropriate to the situation. When in Rome.

  • I know kids and they should have been suspended from school, the officers should have been given hazard pay.

  • Christina says:

    I have 2 teenagers, one 15 and 0ne 18…. and they have stated that kids in the schools talk worse that that. And had the kids on the bus followed bus protocol then the bus driver never would have called the police and they wouldn’t of had the “talking” to
    ….. this is whats wrong with society…. you get side tracked to easy…. punish the kids for not following the bus rules…. not the officers trying to fix the problem!

  • micheal says:

    I was a bus driver and had a bus load of kids get suspended after they shot paper clips at me and one hit me below my left eye, they should of been suspended for the rest of the school year and been made to clean up the damage that they did the punishment they received was just a slap on the wrist after all it was their parents who had to take care of the damages and I sure wasn’t receiving battle pay and the district should have made it mandatory to have a bus aide because you cannot drive and keep an eye what is going on behind you while you are driving, I stayed in my seat and let the school personnel deal with the situation!

  • Angie says:

    I believe that training starts at home, and these kids don’t think and the officer was right. What if the bus driver would of hit a car, or ran off the curb.They should have an aide for every bus driver that operates buses. However, yes the officer’s were wrong for cussing at the students what work for one person will not work for that person.

  • Tori says:

    I don’t see a thing wrong, everything he said was the truth! Oh he said 3 or 4 curse words to save about 50 lives. I bet the buss was quiet as hell afterwards

  • Kirby Carmichael Sr. says:

    The police were right. They handled the problem in a manner the kids understood. Talking to them like they were in Sunday School would not have worked.

  • Dylan says:

    The cop did a great job those kids should know better then to act like a bunch of 7 year old kids if i came to the point the driver had to call the police they deserved it

  • Cindy Kureth says:

    Lead by example….those officers certainly didn’t get respect by cursing at those kids! You can get more bees with honey than with vinegar! It could have been handled better…..the bus driver was correct at calling the police, however!

  • John says:

    They should give him a FUCKING promotion!!

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