Topless shopper chases dressing room ‘peeper’ through Kohl’s

Posted on: 7:06 am, December 5, 2013, by , updated on: 07:30am, December 5, 2013

Topless Peeper

LENEXA, Kan. (KCTV) — It was a wild scene at an Overland Park retailer, and it began unfolding in a dressing room.

A woman trying on bras says she caught a man taking pictures of her in the store dressing room, and she went to great lengths to stop him. Other shoppers and police eventually helped catch Jeremy Bradley, authorities said.

Jeanne Ouelette was trying on bras in the dressing room at the Kohl’s store off 95th Street in Lenexa. That’s when she noticed there was a man with his hand under the dressing room wall, videotaping her with his phone. She said he was laying on the floor as he videotaped her.

She was so upset about the invasion of her privacy and that he could get away, she says she did something that might not have been the most wise. She chased him through the store while using her hands to cover her breasts.

“I followed him. I shouted, ‘Stop! Help me!’ I just screamed and chased him topless through the store,” she said. “I know I shouldn’t be chasing someone … I was just enraged. I was at a store in a very private place, and I was enraged and I wanted to get the phone.”

When she hit the front doors, she pulled up.

“Common sense took over and said,’You shouldn’t go outside half naked,’” she said with a slight laugh. “At that point, I just started crying because I was so upset that he was getting away. When you feel violated, what you really want is for justice to be done.”

But other shoppers saw her frenzied efforts and they continued to pursue him, and the police were alerted.

Bradley was arrested about three blocks away.

Ouelette is grateful to those who helped arrest Bradley.

Bradley has been charged with breach of privacy, which is a misdemeanor. If convicted, he could face up to a year in jail as well as a $2,500 fine.

She says it’s disgusting that it’s only misdemeanor.

“He is clearly mentally ill, and he clearly needs treatment and he needs to go into the system … so he can get his treatment,” she said, adding that if he doesn’t then his behaviors can escalate, and they need not to happen again.


  • Joshua says:

    people like this eventually turn in to rapists. he should have his privates cut off at the first sign of criminal sexual acts…

    • Gerry says:

      I have to disagree with your expert opinion on mental illness. He could possibly be an unscrupulous opportunist that is selling peeping-tom videos on the web.

  • sw says:

    It’s really sad that it is only a misdemeanor to video tape someone like that. Stuff like that should always be a felony.

    • Carter Lim says:

      Seriously? All that will ensure is that he will be a burden on society for the rest of his life. We already lock up too many people.

      • scars says:

        Sure, it makes much more sense to leave him out in the community where he is free to do this again. After all, if we can save a buck by not locking him up, it is worth it, right? I would much rather we let every person in jail who is in on a simple possession charge (without intent to distribute) to make room for the perverts like this guy. There we go, problem solved and it won’t cost you any extra money since clearly that is the only thing that matters to you.

  • Joe je says:

    Wow…frankly I’m surprised he was even interested judging from the photo of the victim. I’d pay her not to see them!

  • Average Joe says:

    And not to mention that at this point half of the shoppers in the store also saw her…Maybe she should just move to Florida & work at King of Diamonds

  • Lee says:

    How many people in the store were recording her running thru the store 1/2 nekkid???

  • Lee says:

    Hey!!! I might go there and do my Xmas shopping…..

  • Dustin Cavanaugh says:

    Going to prison to get help for being mentally ill just makes it worse. Assuming he is mentally ill. This lady isn’t the ripest banana in the bunch.

  • luvthem says:

    So, are you going to show us your tits, or not?

  • James Regal says:

    Bill Clinton kept this from being A Felony……… I wonder why?????? Perverd Clinton…………

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