TOO CUTE: Your holiday pet photos

Posted on: 5:23 pm, December 4, 2013, by , updated on: 11:11am, January 9, 2014

Yes, we just couldn’t resist. We had to start a photo gallery for pets that are certainly filled with the holiday spirit.

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  • Our baby parrot, Smidge, all dressed up for Christmas.

  • Waiting patiently for Santa

  • Duke, aka Santa, need to rest after opening presents.

  • You know just hanging out by the tree looking all cute and stuff.

  • Toonces Xmas present

  • Our Pomeranians took a trip to the local mall in Sterling Heights Michigan to visit Santa

  • Pearl, English Bulldog puppy, worn out on Christmas day.

  • Holiday pet photo

  • Bear with Santa!

  • Pipsqueak enjoys dressing up and being treated like a princess all year long!

  • Gwennie sleeping in Christmas basket

  • Gwennie sleeping in Christmas basket

  • Molly posing as Mrs. Santa

  • Tiger playing in the tree

  • Charlton our Great Dane enjoying the holidays. The message is clear.

  • Where's Santa??

  • This is our sweet little boy, Buddy, all dressed up in his reindeer costume. He came in second in our vet's Holiday Costume contest, which made us very proud, and, yep, you guessed it....he lost to a DOG...a very cute DOG, I should add!

  • Our sweet Beagle waiting for Santa

  • Charlton our Great Dane-deer!

  • Charlton our Great Dane enjoying the holidays. "Celebrate Everything" L2 Family

  • We had to carry Kanga, Service Dog; Yara, Service Dog in Training and Anubis, Supervisor up to Skyline Dive for the snow shot. The Park was lovely as always! Merry Christmas fro Greyt Hearts Service Dogs, in Woodford, VA!!!!

  • Bee

  • Rhudi wants his present MeNow!

  • Reindeer Murphy

  • Shaded Silver kitten

  • Submitted by Sue Lake Anna Virginia

  • Raphie McBride - all ready for Christmas in Ruther Glen, VA.

  • Our Poms, Furgie and Schatzi paid a visit to Santa at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights,Michigan and had their picture taken.

  • 2013 My babies are all ready for Santa!

  • Gibbs playing with tree tinsel

  • Piepsi "singing" Holy Night ...

  • Cat in the christmas tree

  • Mia the Siamese cat sticking her head out of the Christmas tree skirt.

  • Getting in trouble with mom.

  • Sammy loves Christmas

  • Halifax NC

  • Puss Puss in her Santa Suit!

  • Toby didn't care what he did to him,as long as he was in on the Holiday decorating!

  • Toby & Zim can't understand why we brought a tree into our house,and most of all in front of "their" window that they sit and look out of each day!

  • Chase doesn't like his antlers too much...he thinks they make him look like a girl!

  • Idget loves to lay on the hearth in front of the fireplace, especially on a cold night.

  • Maizy and Kit Kat are ready for Santa to come!

  • Frisky loves Christmas!

  • Artemis the cat in the tree

  • My cat in our tree that has no ornaments and has something wrong with the lights.

  • For one month out of the year she is in heaven.

  • David Smith and Loretta Smith's boy Tiger under the Christmas tree.

  • Flower is ready for her close up! Photo by: Alix Hines

  • Hermie says "Bring on Christmas!!"

  • "Toonces" taken by Stephanie Houck

  • Joey Kennon sent in this photo of his pooch all dressed up like Santa's little helper!

  • Roxy is dressed for Christmas. Lake Anna Virginia. From Susan on Facebook.

  • Pearl from Unionville

  • Pearl from Unionville

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