Police sources: Chesterfield teen sexually abused dog

Posted on: 10:20 pm, December 3, 2013, by , updated on: 12:18pm, December 4, 2013

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) — A Chesterfield dog owner said he is disgusted and still in disbelief after police arrested a teenage boy for crimes against nature.

The man said he is still coming to grips with what he saw the teen doing to his pregnant pit bull in the normally a sleepy Chesterfield County neighborhood tucked away off Robious Road.

The stunned pet’s owner, who did not want to be identified, said he could not believe what he saw when he looked out his window into his yard Tuesday afternoon.

“I heard the dogs raising a ruckus in the backyard,” he said. “This boy was standing there. His pants were unzipped and exposed.”

Police said a teenage boy, who apparently hopped over a fence in back to get into the man’s yard, has been charged with crimes against nature, a Class 6 felony.

“I came around the house and he was engaged in activity with the female pit bull,” the dog owner said shaking his head. “He saw me and jumped up, tried zipping up his pants and bolted for the fence.”

When asked if the teen was actually having intercourse with the dog, he said, “That’s correct. Unbelievable, right?”

Groups like the Humane Society of the United States point to studies that show a high correlation between the sexual abuse of animals and sexual abuse of children. One study linked to the Humane Society’s web page found 96 percent of juveniles who sexually abused animals admit to sex offenses against humans.

CBS 6 Legal Expert Todd Stone said as disturbing as this case is, it still could have a positive outcome.

“Something like this may be needed to happen for this kid to have some intervention and get psychiatric treatment,” said Stone. “Especially before he becomes an adult.”

Stone said upon conviction the crime requires registering as a sex offender.  But he says it’s up to a judge’s discretion and most likely the teen would get rehabilitation instead of that lifelong scarlet letter.


  • Rosa Johnson says:

    sicko, glad they caught him. a serial killer in the making. wonder how long he has been hurting animals.he really needs help.

  • How is the dog? Why wasn’t her condition posted? That can cause serious damage and obviously intense pain for her.

  • Jochan Smithy says:

    Questions need to be answered to put the case in context.
    Did he beat the animal?
    Did he force it?
    Was there physical injury inflicted?
    How old is the Teen? 13, 16, 19?
    Does the Teen have a criminal history?
    No use judging blindly

    • Leslie says:

      Did he force it?? Really? ? No, the dog gave him permission!!!

    • Bizzzy Smith says:

      No actually he and the dog were dating, and the 90 day period had past so the dog amorously decided right then and there they would share each other.

    • Ruby says:

      Did he force the dog?? like seriously?? what do you think the dog did… went shopping in victoria secret for some new lingerie and seduced the hell out of the teenager?

    • peggy says:

      I understand they question as to was the dog forced. first there is nothing in the report that states the dog attacked and the’re many animals these days being trained to perform sexual acts. This story is very sad and i hope everyone involved is fine and get the help that is needed.


    • joy says:

      did he force it?really? are you stupid, expose this sick person and make him suffer, help I would help him to a beating if I had caught him

    • joy says:

      Jochan your an idiot

    • Kim says:

      R u 4 real??? Most of ur questions r so irrelevant. The dog’s health & safety should be 1st. I hope, in order 4 the public 2 be held accountable 4 actions of their kids, the owner of this poor dog takes that disturbed kid 2 court. And YES I believe they need 2 throw the book @ this alleged human.

    • Amy says:

      Did you seriously ask “Did he force it?”????????? Ummm, NO. I am quite certain he asked politely and the DOG said, “Sure!! What the hell. Already PREGNANT. Why not.”

      IT’S A DOG. Yes. Judge. Judge away. THIS IS ABUSE. Of the worst kind. Period. Depravity aside, it’s unconscionable. Period. Great that he’s going to get help now that he is in the public eye. But this kind of thing can cause injuries that can mean euthanasia for an animal. You can be open minded; I am going to hope you don’t have a dog and live near this person.

    • Someone needs to check on Jochan’s animals.

    • Jazz says:

      16 my boyfriend knows him he’s a genius 16 year old senior at James River

  • S. Frazier says:

    JS……..Gee, you are trying to look so non-judgemental, BUT…………the story is a TV report, not a newspaper article.

  • HSUS is in NO way an expert. Wow- they are an animal rights lobby group. Try citing some real studies by read academics.

    Hopefully the young man gets help.

    • Bobbi says:

      HSUS has veterinarians, Ph.D.’s, animal behaviorists, etc., on staff. It also has done studies on the relationship between animal abuse and serial killers. They are experts.

    • Rosa Johnson says:

      hopefully the young man gets some kind of desease that rots his privates off. he is not so young that he does not know right from wrong. he could escalate to raping humans and killing people. he is a very dangerous person. not an innocent kid.

  • jerold says:

    jochan,we will ask those questions when he ends ups doin in your mama or sister,cause we all know theres .its a dog,he was seen doing it u funny guy

  • Jenna Bailey says:

    Maybe we should b asking what has happened to this kid to make him think his actions were appropriate. …more than likely he was or is abused….maybe he needs some help…yes it is disturbing and sad…

  • I’m shocked the dog didn’t attack him!

  • BB says:

    Even in the new and purposed uncivil society this is reprehensible.
    How can someone justify this on any level?
    Let the excuses begin, under correct-mess, for outright Depravity

  • Jason says:

    {LOL@He and the dog were dating.} …People are sick, it’s nothing new. Just need to find the sickos and lock them up and get them help before they become a Ted Bundy Jeffrey Dahmer Hybird.

  • Larz says:

    Who are the people in your neighborhood… in your neighborhood…

  • Patrice says:

    This is sad. Not a laughing matter at all. Ask yourselves whose next. Who or what else has he done this too. This isn’t something you try out the blue.

  • Wow i cannot believe that someone actually asked if the kid forced the dog. How the hell would a dog give consent lmbo at this guy who is clearly just as sick as the kid. This child needs help for sure but I also think we need to look at what has been done to him. While no one will admit it some people are born sociopaths.

  • marciel love says:

    This kid need help. I hope that this kid get the care that is need for him. Yes, this very disturbing.

  • tiara says:

    Maybe the kid was sexually deprived but that doesnt give him the right to do this

  • Glen Allen says:

    Gross and sick!

  • BigB says:

    If he tried some mess like this on my press, she would have bit it off. He was definitely with the right dog for what he wanted to do.

  • CAROL says:

    Positive outcome ??? I DON’T THINK SO. Even if this teen is as young as 14, they STILL START LEARNING sexually related topics in school as early as the 5th grade. HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING. He needs to be charged accordingly and needs plenty of HELP.

  • Me says:

    I guess no one here is into beastiality. I would say if the dog didnt attack him, then he had all the consent he needed. Bottom line… Who really cares?

  • Michael says:

    You would expect the dog to attack for the invasion of territory… If I had a pit bull in my back yard, the purpose is to protect my property; not getting pumped on by the neighbors kid..

  • dizzy says:

    He should have fed the boy to the dog.avoid all these stupid people defending his behavior.

  • Why would anyone defend this freak? WOW is all I can think of. Does he need help? HELL YEAH. And anyone that thinks that poor dog had anything to do with it is a sicko as well !!
    I have a dog that was just in “heat”, so glad I don’t have neighbors like that. VERY SAD :(

  • Kimberly says:

    This ni*ga had his d*ck in a dog lol, woof woof

  • Kyle Krieger says:

    LOL, southside is gettin wild

  • Kyle Krieger says:

    They should let a dog put it in his a$$

  • Me says:

    Such hatred for a boy just trying to love a dog. So sad.

  • Brittany says:

    That’s just horrible. Regardless of what breed the dog was it was probably petrified and intimidated.. These incidents progress to humans etc it will only get worse just imagine how many of these incidents occur that aren’t brought to the ‘public eye’. Poor dog I hope she is ok n her poor little babies. I hope the owner gets some counselling as this would have been traumatic to witness as well pity dogs can’t talk cause she would probs need counselling too. Best if luck to the owner n dog. Hope he gets hard time..

  • kanecorey69z4life says:

    Bravo for this courageous young man. He has the right to do anything he wants in the privacy of this man’s yard. Would you boo this same boy if he was simply masturbating? The dog sounds like it’s done this before and is complaining after the fact to cause a ruckus.

  • Kim says:

    WOW!! Since yesterday apparently we live in a society where a lot of STUPID M***** FU****S reside. Looks like a rather large portion of people commenting on what that sick kid did need psychiatric help just like he does. 2 bad most of u will just take out ur sexual frustrations on either animals or young kids…..wow….

  • Jochan Smithy says:

    What I meant did not come across, I was misunderstood.
    I meant was he physically restraining the dog with malicious force.
    Did he understand he was hurting the dog?
    I am not trying to defend the teen. He broke the law and committed a crime against someone else’s dear pet. Obviously he did wrong, and he should receive psych help or punishment as the law sees fit.

    I should have been clearer, which I hope I am now.

  • kanecorey69z4life says:

    Who is any of us to judge love?

  • Me says:

    Your all so judgemental! Who here hasnt put peanut butter on their genitals and had their very loving pet lick it off? Here skippy!!!

  • kanecorey69z4life says:

    I only wish this lad had taken my in-home course on inter human canine species relations: “red rock-it: to the moon and back together” which focuses on oral, before he had gone and done this tenderfoot. Call 8043878402 to set up your class today!

  • Me says:

    Sign me up! Red rocket, red rocket!!!!!!

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