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County orders neighborhood to take down Christmas lights

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) - Residents of a neighborhood in Trabuco Canyon are vowing to fight an official order instructing them to remove an interlocking display of Christmas lights that have been hung from house to house.

More than a dozen homeowners in Wagon Wheel each reportedly received a letter from Orange County Public Works stating that the lights, which are anchored on multiple houses and suspended overhead, are an obstruction and a violation of the county code.

The intricate display of lights has been a tradition in the neighborhood for at least five years, residents said.

"We're in violation of a county ordinance that we're not quite sure of," Brian Kopiec, who lives in Wagon Wheel, said.

"When we bought the house, the people that sold it to us told us what a great neighborhood it was, and they actually warned us that this neighborhood goes great at Christmas," he said.

Asked what he thought of the letter, which said the lights must be cleared by Dec. 4, he replied: "I'm not quite sure. I think it's actually horrible, what they're doing to us. All the poor kids — they love [the lighting display], and it really brings the neighborhood together."

Calls to Orange County officials seeking comment were not immediately returned.


  • bluedarkness24

    why should they do this? It is being a generation to hang Christmas lights and decorations on houses ever since people have celebrated it. This to the Orange County Officials “Are you a scrooge of Christmas or are you a ungrateful soul who dislikes Christmas!?”

  • carol

    if this is a safety issue, fire hazzard, resource problem, etc., that should be paid attention to by all involved. it’s nice to decorate, to want to share joy and beauty with others. we just have to be practical if that beauty could possibly harm people, property or animals. i appreciate the time and effort folks put into what they do for the holidays, so please don’t take it personally (unless that’s what it is). the same Bible that tells the joyous story of the birth of our Saviour tells us to obey the laws of man and of the land. this seems to be one of those instances. whatver the answer is, God bless you all and don’t let this distract you from your holiday joy!

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