Chaos erupts over Black Friday TV deals at N.C. Walmart

Posted on: 10:15 am, November 29, 2013, by , updated on: 10:17am, November 29, 2013

ELKIN, N.C. — Black Friday deals cause chaos at a Walmart in Elkin, North Carolina.

A YouTube video posted on Thanksgiving shows a group of people fighting over TVs.

The man who posted the video says he was kicked out of the store for recording the incident.


  • Kisha says:

    that’s crazy every black Friday, it’s always a mess, it’s not that serious

  • BB says:

    When you receive Nationwide publicity for creating, promoting, causing,
    and manufacturing this purposed frenzy, the traditional turmoil, chaos, and conflicts arise and there is another Pay Off in even more publicity.

  • BPT says:

    THIS IS NOT CHRISTMAS! SHAME SHAME SHAME! And WHAT is that teaching those children I saw there????!!!!! I hope that guy is happy making an ass out of himself!

  • Max R. Pardon says:

    I heard that they were going to give rain checks after the tv’s were gone in a shopping spree. So there should have been no reason to fight.

  • athynz says:

    You people do realize that it was the guy who waded into a crowd to save the blonde haired woman, right? Watch the video a few times and you’ll see it.

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