Former Pizza Hut manager fired for not opening store on Thanksgiving

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Tony Rohr holding a copy of his 'rebuttal letter' to Pizza Hut in lieu of his termination. (Courtesy: WSBT)

ELKHART, Ind. — Tony Rohr had worked his way from the kitchen to running his own Pizza Hut store as a general manager, but his decision to rebel against a corporate order has him looking for a new job. TV station WSBT reports that Rohr said he was fired when he told bosses that his store would not open on Thanksgiving.

Rohr said in years past that Pizza Hut stores have remained closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas days, days that he believes his employees shouldn’t have to work. When he sat down to discuss the change and his lack of compliance, he was told to tender his resignation.

Instead he penned a ‘letter of explanation’ that read in part:

“I am not quitting, I do not resign however I accept that the refusal to comply with this greedy, immoral request means the end of my tenure with this company.”

Rohr went on to explain that an order like this from corporate decision makers is only made possible by the people at the bottom of the totem pole. While he is still currently unemployed, he said the decision was worth it and he has his family’s support.

He plans on spending Thanksgiving with girlfriend and his parents, according to WSBT.


  • Mary Ellison

    Good for him! God bless and I pray you will be offered a better job and more money! Chick-fil-a has family morals! I will never step foot in Pizza Hut again!

  • darlene

    Pizza Hut can keep their pizza, they will not be getting any business from me again. I pray you find a job soon and god bless you for doing the right thing.

  • Renee

    Good for him! Thank you sir for standing up for your employees! Bet those greedy higher ups in corporate will be home with their family on thanksgiving..shame on you Pizza Hut !! You can keep your cardboard pizzas ..I am now a former customer.

  • sincityfinancier

    Dominoes Pizza in Tucson has threatened it’s employees that if they don’t work on Christmas; they are fired. The owners of the franchise for Tucson are also christian-hating muslim’s that do not recognize Christmas. Who want’s a pizza on Thanksgiving or Christmas? Honestly?

  • Ethan Tudor W.

    You can CONTACT this store DIRECTLY at Pizza Hut #027855 is located at
    501 E Jackson Blvd
    Elkhart, IN 46516

    (574) 295-2222

    Let your opinion be KNOWN! As of 10am, he still had NOT been rehired!

  • Susie

    There should be more people that stand up and say I will not work on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Would be interesting to see if the store is open tomorrow and who is running it.

  • Casi Mundy

    My husband and I use to own a successful Domino’s Franchise and we closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. After a few years of looking at sales charts you learn whichs days are worth staying open. Noone is interested in eating pizza on days like that anyway. They do order the night before holidays and it is usually slow the day after the holiday also, because people are eating leftovers. Even if we were busy on those days we respected our employees enough to allow them to have the day off to spend with their family. If the owner is so interested in making the profit maybe he/she should be in the store on that day. Shame on whoever fired this person and shame on Pizza Hut Corporation for allowing it to happen.

  • pizzagreed

    To the Pizza Hut chain & manager: If all the other chains decided to serve cow dung on a stick by topless waitresses I can assume you would too? Your greed is showing. You’re only “upset about what happened” because you are outed for who you are and what you stand for $$$$$. In honor of Tony Rohr, I pledge not to darken the door of a Pizza Hut in 2014. I hope millions take a similar stand. Maybe while I’m gone I’ll find a great alternative.

  • CS

    Boycott Pizza Hut and stop this madness! Employees should have Thanksgiving off! Your are a hero, Mr Rohr and file for unemployment as a forced quit. You will find a more socially responsible employer. I will help you with your resume for free to show my support!

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