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Henrico mother robbed while decorating family Christmas tree

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Three men with guns invaded a Henrico home Sunday night while the people inside the house decorated their Christmas tree, according to Henrico Police Lt. J. A. Sperry.

When a mother living at the home along the 5700 block of Garron Point Ct. went outside to smoke, she told police she saw a person she did not know outside the house.

"The kids were in the house,” the mother said. She asked CBS 6 not reveal her name because she was still shaken from Sunday night's crime.  “My 12, 8, one-year-old and newborn were inside, but they didn't see it."

The children were safe, upstairs in a room inside the West End house while downstairs three masked men stormed in.

When she went back inside after smoking, police said three suspects followed her in, stole her purse and ran off. The crime happened about 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

"Everybody was putting up Christmas decorations when they busted through the backdoor," she said.

The victim didn't want to show her face on television because the three men who barged into her home are still at large.  She said from the way they were screaming, she knew they meant business.

“’Get down,’” she said they screamed. “’This is not a joke.’"

The violence so close to home baffles neighbor Tony Imholte.  “It’s usually pretty quiet,” he said.  “A lot of families with kids around here."

He said this is the second time in six months he's dealt with a crime like this.  He said the family that used to live next door to him were involved in a home invasion and robbery a few months ago.  And now it's the people who live behind him.

"Two in a short span of time has got me worried,” Imholte said.  “I have a little boy here and the last thing I need is my family to deal with this kind of danger."

Two of the three suspects were armed, and one had two guns, according to the victim.

Neighbors think the suspects are coming from nearby apartment complexes, and now police are working on proving that.

"I'm just very surprised it's happening here,” said the victim. “ I might have to get the screen door with bars.  It's crazy."

Christmas Tree Robbery

Police said all three suspects were black men in their 20's. Police offered the following descriptions:

  1. Light complected, 6’1-6’3,  170 pounds, wearing  gray hoodie
  2. Dark complected, wearing black hoodie, carrying two hand guns.
  3. Medium brown complected, 5’9, wearing lack hoodie

Police asked anyone with information about this crime to call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.


  • shawn

    wow,theres a surprise description.Don’t count on henrico police to do anything about this until they can profile.I mean how many times does the description of these thugs have to say black hoodie before they stop everyone with one on.If I was a black male doing right I would stay clear of hoodies,period.

    • Scott

      So by that logic….. Almost every war criminal ever convicted has been a white man in a military uniform. When is The Hague going to start arresting every white man in a military uniform? Crime is a function of poverty, not clothing choice, but good try!

    • david nunnally

      Profiling? How would you describe them to the public and ask if anyone has information to contact the police? Chances are, they went straight to nearest convenience store and bought beer. 3 young men, 20s, med to dark completion, 2 black hoodies, 1 gray hoodie. On the store’s video camera….Store clerk contacts police….video posted online….Arrested!

    • athynz

      Wow, there’s a surprise – someone complaining about how these young men were “profiled”…. Shawn how would YOU describe them using factual descriptions?

    • MB

      “oh and anyone else remember when olde west area,now the legacy was a nice area.I wonder what happen?anyone?”
      @shawn – They tore down the old Crestview appartments and some other area apartments and apparently those people moved over into the olde west area.

  • K

    Come on Richmond, it’s the holidays. Stop robbing people, stop driving like jerks, calm down and get yourselves together.

  • shawn

    @scott I dont make the news ,I just read it.good try though.I am not concerned about a war crime coming to my front door,duh

  • frankee

    you are no longer safe is time to arm yourselves.shoot to kill any scumbag that breaks into your house.

  • A. W.

    It’s curious, that if you see a stranger in your yard.. You would not be concerned enough to go in and lock the door behind yourself and make everyone else aware there’s someone outside that should not be. From this report, she is the only one that had anything stolen. I think that is strange. There were 3 intruders, you would think they were there for more than just a purse, they could of lifted off anyone anywhere, rather than preform a home invasion. But that’s just me.

  • KimmyJ

    I do not believe this story one bit. First of all, it’s quite late (10:30) on a Sunday night for the children to be up with school the next day. If they were decorating the Christmas tree downstairs, how could all the children be upstairs when this happened? She said they burst into the back door but she also said “they followed her in after smoking”. Bursting through a door and rushing you in are two totally different things. Three men yelling and the 12 and 8 year old did not come downstairs to see what was going on? That’s quite a description to remember which complexion had on which color hoodie and which complexion had a gun and how many the other complexion had. They had on a hoodie “plus” they were “masked”, So I take it she got the complexions by looking at their ungloved hands. The only thing they took was her purse? Three men bursting through a house will take more than a purse. It only takes one man to carry a purse out so, by her account, the other two men left totally empty handed without electronics or anything. My guess is, this woman is looking for attention and maybe money/donations during this holiday season. She did not want to go on camera (1) because she’s still shaky (2) because the culprits are still loose. It should not matter that they are loose, if they burst through her door and told her to get on the floor they already know where she lives and what she looks like. Stay tuned, it will be revealed that she fabricated this entire story.

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