Flushing of illicit cell phone leads to discovery of jailer’s sexual relationship with inmate

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - A former Henrico County Sheriff's Deputy was arrested on three felony counts of having "carnal knowledge" of an inmate, according to indictments filed in Henrico County.

The sexual contact between Jennifer Ann Baran, 33, of Chester,  and the inmate occurred between January and April 2012.

Baran's arrest came more than a year after Henrico Internal Affairs opened its investigation into her actions.

The investigation began in May 2012 when deputies discovered a Henrico jail inmate had a cell phone while behind bars, according to Henrico Undersheriff Carlos Talley.

When investigating how the inmate got the phone, deputies discovered love letters Baran wrote in the inmate's cell. The Henrico Sheriff's Office turned its evidence over to Virginia State Police for further investigation.

Baran, who resigned from the Sheriff's Department in May 2012, was arrested and placed in jail where she once worked. She has since been transferred to Pamunkey Regional Jail.

Investigators believe for nearly four months in early 2012, Baran engaged in sex acts with the inmate.

At the time she was in charge of the jail laundry room, and investigators say that's where the illegal activity took place.

Talley says because technically the inmate is a victim, they're not releasing his name.

"It's our duty and responsibility to provide a service for these inmates and a deputy having sex with them compromises things," said Talley.


  • Carol

    what in the world is going on with Henrico these days? was the sex really worth her job/career? that move will affect the rest of her life.

  • shyraina

    I think she should b lockd up wat she was doing is wrong and could have led to security problems she’s not doing her job and cant knw wats going on performing sex activities instead of performing the correct job duties the richmond city jail needs to learn the same actions are indeed appropriate !!!!

  • tony

    funny they show her and name but not the inmate,guess I will take a guess on him?guess his rights are protected under the new Henrico attorney’s guidelines.Hey Henrico ,hows the investigation into the four abduction/robberies going in the west end?You know the cases never solved or talked about til the next one happens.Henrico police lately=fail

  • Glen Allen

    While the inmate does have rights, he also is responsible for his actions. Assuming he was an adult, he should too have been charged, even if just for having sex in a public location, or possing contraband, regardless of who provided it to him. If a Sheriff’s Deputy provided him with a loaded gun, and he used the gun to murder someone, would he still be an innocent victim?

    I am not suggesting that they print the man’s name, because frankly, who cares, but I also don’t need to know her name/face either, and the man should not be considered a victim in this case. (Unless she forced him toi have sex with her against his will)

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