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Henrico high school teacher admits guilt

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - The Mills Godwin High School teacher arrested after school this week admitted he was guilty of the crimes he was accused of committing, according to the Henrico Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. Anthony Crowder, 40, was charged with two counts of sexual battery in a case that dates back to the 1980s.

During Friday's hearing, prosecutors said Crowder was at least 13 years old when he inappropriately touched two male family members 27 years ago. In addition to those crimes, the prosecution said there is another alleged victim. That person was 14 years old at the time of the incident, Crowder was 29.  Crowder admitted to guilt in that case, though no charges have been filed.

Henrico judge Richard Wallerstein set Crowder's bond at $10,000. As part of his bond, Crowder is not permitted to be in contact with anyone under 18.

Prosecutors would not say who first brought these allegations to police or where the third alleged offense took place.

Following his arrest after school on Tuesday, Henrico Schools announced the earth science teacher was suspended without pay. He had been employed by the school system since 2004.

"Our understanding is that the matter involves neither school property nor our students," Henrico County Schools spokesman Andy Jenks wrote in a statement. "Until such time that more facts are known, we think it's best to decline further comment and let the legal process run its course."

Crowder is due back in court for Dec. 18 for a status hearing.


  • Chuck Thompson

    LOL where are all the godwin people saying hed never do this and it was a witch hunt. What a total and absolute pervert this man was. I can’t wait for him to be somebodys lady in prison. Glad hes out of the godwin living area which is otherwise great people.

  • anonymous

    Notice it says the commonwealth attorney says he has confessed. That’s not the same thing as him actually confessing. This is still shoddy reporting.

    Times dispatch said the same thing. Until a plea is entered, I don’t believe a word of it.

    • clove

      There won’t be a plea b/c he is innocent! There is so much more to this story that the media refuses to report….Wonder why that is?

  • James

    So his life is ruined at 40 for something he “allegedly” did before he was 18???? I see that as ridiculously unfair. Someone had to go out of their way to incriminate him now, and made even more dubious after so many years. If he was under the age of 18 himself at the time of the “crime” then how can he be prosecuted 20+ years later? If he’d been charged then, as a juvenile, it would be totally different. Now his career and life are ruined because of something he supposedly did when he was a juvenile???? That’s not right, and it’s not Justice…..

    • anonymous

      Not only did he confess to the ones that happened when he was 13, he admitted to another one. This justice? So letting a molester go free is? Hunny, you got some serious moral issues…

      • athynz

        Let’s assume that he did in fact enter guilty pleas rather than this being something the Commonwealth Attorney’s office came up with.

        The alleged incidents when he was 13 are creepy but they were committed when he was a minor – and were the ones that kicked off this whole deal – and with those he should be charged as if he was a minor… although with that I have to question the timing of bringing this forth as well as the ages of the male family members he allegedly touched inappropriately at the time when this supposedly happened.

        The one that was allegedly committed when he was 29 – yes that one he deserves to be put on trial for and judged by a jury of his peers as an adult. Interesting that it was also brought up as the victim did not press charges… again with the timing. There are too many unanswered questions here.

        Before you accuse me of having some moral issues I still believe in innocent until proven guilty. Until that man is proven guilty in court or I see him on TV confess to the crimes I will presume he is innocent. I’ve seen too many articles here that slant towards the “victim” and were later found to be total BS and the “victim” was no such thing.

  • Anonymous Student

    This article is very easy to misread, he was 13 when this and happened and the other was 14 and the fact that this is a case is sad and a waste of money.

  • JM

    Fact1 the person that filed these charges is a known lier and it has been proven in the past.
    Fact 2 this is a family matter that has been overemphasize only to get the police into the matter
    Fact 3 he never connfesed under oath so this is all being driven by a one sided report from the prosecutor
    Fact 4 the media has not reported both sides of the story they are doing the same thing that the accuser is doing by exaggerating the one side of the matter
    Fact 5 the police and the prosecutor have not done an investagation on the accuser to see it they are creditable or not because if they had they would know that this is not the first time they have accused people of this.
    Fact 6 the best is yet to come

  • Mrs. McCoy

    If he is 40 now, this could not have happened when he was 29. He would have been 29 in 2003. Something is not right. In the 80 he would have been a kid also.

    • clove

      The person who filed the charges against this teacher is a known liar…he has said these same things about other people in his life when they cut him off…

  • anonymous

    Heres the thing: he’s going to go to jail. no matter what. you wanna know why? If they are saying he admitted to the charges they probably mean he is pleading guilty or he admitted it in an investigation room, where they record it. Now its just a manner of how much time he gets. I think it’s pretty sick that he admitted this shit and told about another one no one knew about an some of you guys are still on his side. you people are gross.

    • clove

      He never admitted to anything – he never admitted anything to the police on or off camera and he never stood up in court and said he was guilty – he is fighting this as he should b/c he is innocent!

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