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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - An on-field fight after a youth football game may cost a Richmond-area team its shot at both the state and national titles.

The fight started while players in an AAU under-14 league were shaking hands after the game. Video sent to CBS 6 by RichCity Spiders football coach Linwood Johnson appears to show the brawl began when a player from the losing team shoved a player from his winning team.

Johnson said following the fight, the youth league disqualified his team from the upcoming state championship. He said he was told his team was not allowed to advance because they could not control their fans who came out onto the field.

"Parents are going to protect their children," he said in an email to CBS 6. "There was no law enforcement at the field to control the crowd. Once again, we won the game fair and square on the field."

According to its website, RichCity is "an Athletic Association that is based out of Richmond & Henrico, VA, that caters to the Growth & Development of youth ages 5-16 years of age. We were formed to provide opportunities for young men and women who enjoy sports, and cheering, no matter what their athletic skill levels may be. We are geared towards youth learning good habits and positive values and attitudes that they will be able to apply with them in all aspects and areas of their lives."

The state title game was to be held this Saturday. The national AAU championship tournament is the first week in Dec.


  • L Jones

    So glad that others get to see what really happened and how our kids are getting the short end of the stick. Please do right by these kids!

  • Kiersten

    Funny this is the same league my gf pulled her son from in the beginning of the year bc of the trash coaches, president and other parents!

  • PatriceW

    It’s unfair to judge until you’ve walked a mile in another parents shoes. What are parents supposed to do when you see adults from an opposing team run out onto the field where your 14 year old is standing? Do you watch while they pummle your kid? I blame the league for not having a police officer on hand in advance. It’s unfair to judge without all of the facts. And remember you are talking about kids so be nice, if you can’t say something nice about them then don’t comment.

  • Kiersten

    I was speaking about the team that won. I never said anything about the kids. It is very sad that the kids have to suffer bc their parents are idiots. My son plays football and has gotten into altercations with the other team. My son is able to defend himself without an adult hitting on a kid-

  • Iseeitall

    Did anyone else notice that they stopped and started the tape when they wanted but didnt show the part how their players were inappropriate before they even touch hands they wanted the news to see the true but didn’t show it.The head coach needed to take responsibility for his players and assistant coaches which abused some of the players by hitting,slamming them and also attacking a female parent with a hard blow. Be honest with yourself there were grown men hitting harder then the boy’s. So if they canceled your chance to advance. (Good maybe it will teach your team some discipline.

  • Mike

    At what point is it alright for parents to leave the crowd to go help there kids fight other kids. There lies the problem kids in a sport like football where for 60 minutes there is constant physical activity, tempers are going to flair but for parents to leave the stands to participate in a fight is just crazy. I just hope they run to there kids school and make sure there grades are good just as fast as they ran on that field to help fight. There were no victims in this video!!!! Just particpants in a fight!!!!! Just Embarassing!

  • MrsJ

    What reason was there for the Spider team to fight? They had just won the game, 23-7! RichCity has not had any altercations all season, but somehow they bear fault when it’s time to go to the championships. As a good parent, it will always be my job to secure the safety of my child. So I get that parents got involved. This is supposed to be for fun. This is not the NFL! If you dislike the coaches, fine! That’s your freedom of choice. But in no way should these children lose an opportunity that they earned.

  • coach

    Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but at the end of the day its about the well being and safety of the kids. Rich City Spiders 14u won a state playoff game fair and square that qualified them for a national tournament. How is it that a coach ( who is also a parent) is responsible for adults trying to protect their child. It kills me that people have all the right answer when they are not the one who is involved. Everything is always easier said then done.

  • stephanie

    what grown man slams a child and knocks a /woman down. kids will b kids but when u put ur hands on a child u get no respect. should have been getting ur kids off the field not helping them. look at how ur kids parents even reacted that field wasnt the the club….smh!!! maybe next year!

  • iseeitall

    Coach… did you see 10 seconds in to the tape when YOUR player shoved the helmet of the other team mate that’s why the other team defended themselves so when you talk about fare tell the true… yes your team won and congrats but still acted inappropriate. After witnessing the behavior of the COACHES!! am not surprised that the players act that way. Just because your team won doesn’t mean you have the right to throw your craziness around. Coaches go take a behavior management class then teach your youth how to conduct themselves.

  • parent

    Instead of making excuses why you feel that your team shouldn’t play in the finals take responsibility how they acted. Out of control yes the other team did fight and I would feel the same way if they were the winners acting out of control but the point that you’re missing is that one player after reviewing the tape 10 seconds in. Cause your team the championship. The parents nor coaches make it any better. So hopefully you will review it with your guys and be honest with them. Yes you did earn it but lost it with one bad decision.

  • parent

    @ Coach You’re right about everyone does have their own opinion but right is right. Congratulation about your win but the fact that your player cross the line when he touched someone. Address that and maybe next year your team could have the chance. Until then play back the tape and mentor your boys,coaches,parents on how to control their attitudes etc. I know dealing with that age group is challenging but taking this away should teach them the world has consequences even if your on top.See ya next year.

  • thatsall

    Its sad that the players have to suffer because their classless coaches and parents could not control themselves. Your children just finished playing one of the most physical sports played, and they where concerned of their well being?? Yeah Right!! They should have let the coaches break it up and be done. At what point is it OK in any situation for a grown man to put his hands on a child or woman? So they advance and perhaps another altercation happens, allow the same classless parent to have a chance to put their hands on a child or woman again? NO!!!! What organization in their right mind would send a Team like so to represent them in Nationals!! Instead of pointing fingers and crying a river, they should be discussing with these children that they have their parents to thank for ruining their chances to go, and that this behavior is not acceptable in anyway shape or form. Not teaching them to lie and only share half of a story!! Its a shame for the children who have worked so hard, I hate to see any teams season cut short because of ignorant adults not being able to control themselves!!!


    I have looked at all the comments and if you wasn’t there you can’t speak on the incident for real. I was there and the way everything went down it was all uncalled for, each team should of took their “W” or their “L” and walked off but that isn’t what was done, it is an unfortunate circumstance that happened because from what you all didn’t see was that majority of the RichCity team when told by their coaches to go to the sideline they did, and nobody sees that the fight was stopped then regain again 2-3 more times before it actually was over completely also both coaches and parents did what they needed to do on both sidelines, but when u have a grown woman on BES sideline that is known for causing trouble jumps in a child face and hits them, then are the parent just suppose to let that go, no they were trying to defend and protect as well as break up the fight, when RichCity players was on the sideline BES players walked away only to return to continue and fuse the fight again, as far as the parents and coaches fighting their wasn’t really any fight on both parts, the head coach and person in charge of BES tried to fight the President of RichCity and his coaches proceeded to pull him back but RichCity didn’t entertain it, they just walked off. I have been with the VA AAU for 3 years now, and I can speak for both teams, u have one organization (RC) that is always upholding the rules to a organization(BES) that is always popping off at every team they play u do the math….also if u don’t know but I will tell u NOBODY hit any woman from BES so that is a lie, we were there from start to finish!!! Also, I am witnessed to BES players (#33) jumping in adults face talking bout they are going to kick their @$$e$ so in saying that what parent will let their child talk to any adult like that regardless of the situation.


  • Martin

    Apparently the Rich City player started it by shoving on BES player’s helmet. Before, you say anything, I was there and did witness it and saw it on video. Yes, BES is known for fighting, I will give you all that, however, when everyone knows they are that way, why would the Rich City player shove the BES player like he did knowing they like to fight. I think the AAU has made the right decision in this case. It is embarrassing to see children, adults, coaches act the way they did out there on the field. Heaven forbid they go to Florida and do the same, Commonwealth of Virginia would be put to shame. It is rumored that Rich City also had a player or two that are listed on Highland Springs roster. We saw one of them actually suited up and playing. Not sure who the other’s were (if any). So the Coaches that feel so bad about the kids being disqualified for the boy’s sake, why use players that aren’t allowed back on the team once they go high school, even if they quit. Spotsylvania Cougars were dropped out of AAU for doing the same thing. So Rich City is not as innocent as they want you to believe.
    They rallied to get this on the media and then makes a post that said
    the Media exaggerated the situation. Hey you supplied the video, Coach!!! Yes, they had locked in to the National Champion, but don’t thing they stood a chance to win against the team they were to play this week end. I have only seen the Hurricanes play 1/2 of a live game, but got so interested started watching their videos. They are really good and have been since they joined AAU. I have had players in the AAU for 4 years now and have no relatives or friends on their team, but the drive into Richmond would be the only reason I couldn’t. Let it go.

  • Martin

    Just found out the #6 player from RichCity that shoved first and then the fight broke out is the same player that is listed on both RichCity Roster and Highland Springs High School roster!!! This is really getting interesting. Just pulled the Highland Springs Roster off its website, guess what that #6 is listed on the high school Roster as rumored. No one remembers him playing in the first part of the season and to top it off, he is the coach’s nephew. Looking Good Rich City. Stop blaming others for your mistakes. Wow.

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