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Godwin teacher remains jailed following arrest

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – A Mills Godwin High School teacher arrested after school Tuesday appeared in Henrico County Court Wednesday morning. Anthony Crowder, 40, was arraigned after being charged with two counts of sexual battery, according to Henrico Police Lt. Linda Toney.

In court Wednesday, Crowder told the judge he would hire his own attorney. Family members who attended Wednesday’s hearing said they had no comment about the arrest.

The crimes Crowder is accused of committing took place between 1987 and 1989, according to Lt. Toney. Crowder would have been between 14 and 16 years old at the time. The charges indicate his accusers were under the age of 13 when the alleged crimes took place.

Crowder’s alleged victims were other boys in his family, according to police.

“No other details will be released at this time,” Lt. Toney wrote in an email.

The legal threshold a grand jury must meet to indite someone is much less than the threshold a jury must meet to convict someone.

“The grand jury only has to find probable cause, so it’s a very low level,” CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone said. “To prove someone guilty you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. So, right now, he’s just accused of these offenses and  he’s still presumed innocent.”

Crowder, an earth science teacher, was arrested when he left Godwin High School Tuesday afternoon.

“Our understanding is that the matter involves neither school property nor our students. Until such time that more facts are known , we think it’s best to decline further comment and let the legal process run its course,” a Henrico Schools spokesman said in a statement.

Following the arrest, people reacted with messages of support for the teacher.

“I had Mr. Crowder as a teacher in middle school at John Rolfe. He never portrayed any actions of a sexual activity towards younger people. He was nothing but awesome to his children at school,” Nakia Williams posted on WTVR.com.

“I’ve known Mr. Crowder for several years and this is totally ridiculous. It would be difficult for anyone to find a more upstanding, respectable individual,” Chris S. posted.

Crowder is due back in court on Friday.


  • karleigh

    Free Anthony Crowder. I had Mr.crowder three years in a row in middle school. We were close and he was also very close with my brother. Everybody loves mr.crowder. When i say everybody, I mean everybody. You have all of our support here from your old students that now go to varina highschool, I did not hear one negative comment about you from anyone at school. I love you man, sending prayers your way. -Karleigh

  • Godwin_student

    Mr. Crowder is definatly one of the most loved teachers at Godwin high school. Students have no concern over what has happened in his past, there concern lies in whether he will come back to teach or not, all his students want him back! Kids were crying over the fact he might not be back. Crowder is loved by every individual he teaches and has respect and care for all his students. Henrico County would be unjust to not allow him to teach anymore over an incident that occurred when he was a minor.

  • Aaron W

    Everyone mr. crowder may be very nice person but we all have to remember this occured over 27 years ago almost three decaeds now thje ony reason this is happening is because the so called victim feels the need to publicized it and due to the fact that Virginia no statute of limitations law of any felony crime. As asinie this may be its still a very touchy matter due to the fact that the lack of evidence so essentially one persons word against anothers. FREE CROWDER MAN

  • Kyle L.

    Mr. Crowder is by far my favorite teacher. i dont care whatever the fuck he did when he was 13, we all did dumb things when we were young. He is my favorite teacher of all time, not to mention this is my first year in public schooL. FREE THIS MAN #FREECROWDER

  • katina

    My child had Mr Crowder as a teacher in 8th grade…she raves about him along with her friends. She is really upset that someone could ruin his life and reputation over something that may or may not have happened so long ago. Of course it was wrong if it took place but will he be punished as an adult or a child?? Ridiculous!!

  • Nirmeen C.

    #7thperiod earth scienceee !!!! that happened 27 yearss as yall were saying he was obviously under 18 soo im pretty suree half of the teenage boys in this world have made a mistakee b4 … how is the victim gonna sue him after 27 yearss -___- #FREEEECROWDERRRRRRRR

  • Taylor Whitescarver

    Mr. Crowder is an awesome teacher. I am one of his students and he has never given any sign of sexual actions towards anyone. Crowder has always stood by me rain or shine, so now I am here to do the same. Police need to make up your mind! First a woman, now two boys?! Make up your mind. Mr.Crowder has influenced so many students at Godwin High school and many other places. He has made a place in serveral students hearts, and if you can’t see that, that is your loss. Why would the “victim” wait TWENTY SEVEN YEARS to press charges?! I bet you they need money and don’t know what to do! Also, the police have no proof. So how would Crowder be guilty? Exactly. You don’t have any photos, videos, or anything else except for words, like in the video, it says they need more than words. Why would you believe someone who waited TWENTY SEVEN YEARS to press charges?! Instead of believing people who know him way better than you? I hope you come to your senses soon. All of our lives are changed because you have taken away our favorite teacher, rolemodel, and best friend. Stay strong Crowder! We miss you and are here for you Crowder! We love you so much! #FREEOURBESTFRIEND #FREECROWDER

  • George

    Mr. Crowder is an amazing, out going, fun, helpful, loving, goofy guy who cares about every one around him. I can’t believe the police, who are suppose to be smart, are falling for this. I look up to the police, but I really do believe Crowder is innocent. I want to be a police officer when I get older. I have looked up to them all my life. But if they take a step back, look at the evidence (none), and see the timing of when the charges were pressed( 27 years later) , they will see that crowder is innocent.

  • Ryan Noe

    I have Crowder for 6th period at Godwin and the past couple days have been absolutely awful without him here. Im actually in his class right now, and im bored out of my mind. Crowder always made the class fun, entertaining, and was always the best end to my day! #FREECROWDER

  • LS

    Unbelievable that Henrico suspends his pay! He is supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty. But the Superintendent on the other hand is still getting his pay, car and benefits. And oh yeah… Nobody in Henrico knows why he was suspended. No bias there!!! What a joke. All the info needs to come in. Why arrest him as he pulls out of school? Drama…Drama!! What was wrong with arresting him at home?

  • J.G.

    He is the best teacher I have ever had! I look forward to coming to his class every day. He puts a smile on your face even when you’re have a bad day. Science is not the same with out him.

  • J.T

    Mr. Crowder is one of my biggest rolemodels. IF this crime occured, it was TWENTY SEVEN YEARS ago! Why did the so called “victim or victims” wait TWENTY SEVEN YEARS to press charges? Have you seen how many of his students he has impacted?? All of his students seem to care and love him more than the police or court will ever know. Crowder, I’m here for you man. #WAKEUP and #FREECROWDER

  • anonomous

    WOW. http://www.wtvr.com. You make it seem like it is something it is not. I just had a huge discussion with at least 500 people and we all agreed, you just lost all of our views, And we are spreading the word to not watch WTVR anymore because they make things look worse than they are. Your welcome. #FREECROWDER

  • Talbott Holloway (a godwin student)

    I also have Mr. Crowder for 6th period oceanography and it has been just depressing i have no more reason t be in his class. If Crowder is not guilty (which he is) he better be rehired or im dropping out.

  • Mikey K

    I’ve never had Mr. Crowder as a teacher, so I may not have the right to talk about how much we all love him. His class was the one thing many of my friends looked forward too when coming to school. The way that everyone outside of the Godwin community is turning their backs to him is breaking our hearts comment after comment. I truly wish Mr. Crowder the best and hope that we might see him again one day


  • Brittany

    I had Mr.Crowder for Earth Science my 8th grade year at John Rolfe and he was my favorite teacher. I hated science but i loved his class. He was very positive in class even if he was having a bad day, His students always came first and to see something like this is crazy to me. I honestly cant believe especially since it was so long ago. #FREECROWDER

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