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Henrico teacher arrested leaving school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Anthony Crowder, an earth science teacher at Mills E. Godwin High, was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

A grand jury indicted the 40-year-old earlier in the day for two counts of aggravated sexual battery for a case dating back 27 years.

"You can bring felony cases from the mid-80s or even before that,” CBS 6 legal expert Todd Stone said. “There's no statute of limitations in Virginia, but as the case gets further from the date it happened, you have to have more evidence than a victim's word."

Stone explains that aggravated sexual battery is essentially inappropriate touching.  The indictment against Crowder said the battery happened for a period of two years from the summer of 1986-88. And at the time the victim was younger than thirteen.

"When things are made public, victims who do not feel comfortable before may feel empowered to come out,” said Stone.  “We will just have to wait and see if this happens.

Henrico Schools released a statement saying:

“Our understanding is that the matter involves neither school property nor our students. Until such time that more facts are known , we think it's best to decline further comment and let the legal process run its course."

A former Godwin student whose brother had Crowder as a teacher, said he was surprised at the arrest.

“I was like, oh wow, it's kind of hard to believe,” he said. “You know, you go to school and see these smiling teachers’ faces.  It's deceiving, though.  You don't really know who's teaching you."

These allegations are almost three decades old and did not occur on school property.

Mills E. Godwin High School opened in 1980, and has approximately 1,900 students attending classes.


  • William Davis (Godwin High Student)

    If you were the victim and this happened to you how would you feel if everyone was writing these posts saying it has to be fake. if it is fake then its fake but you dont know so you cant say that it is fake. This kind of act can scar people so its possible that now they are not scared and are coming out because they want justice.

  • Will Clark

    Mr. Crowder was a dear Friend and Teacher. When I attended John Rolfe Middle School, I had Mr. Chowder and I was a very shy child and he helped me get over that and in all actually truth encouraged me to be myself and others would acctept me for who I was. He wasn’t just some guy who only saw his job as a means for money, but saw it as a way and chance to better our education. He didn’t just focus on teaching but connected with his students to were he could have been seen as a family member by his students. I’m now in High School, and I’m happy with my, I have made alot of friends that have been added to my “Family”. I’ve been sense gotten over my shyness, I Couldn’t have been able to without his guidece, thanks Mr. Crowder! ALL OF YOUR STUDENTS ARE HERE FOR YOU!
    ~William J. Clark

  • Taylor Whitescarver

    I am Mr. Crowder’s class. Why would you arrest him for something that happened 27 years ago! If the woman wanted to press charges, why wouldn’t she of done it then? Exactly. All she wanted was money. Money, money, money. That’s all this society cares about. I go in early to school with a several other students to Mr. Crowder’s room. He has helped me through some really tough times. He is the best teacher ANYONE AND I MEAN ANYONE, could ever ask for. You can’t arrest him if you don’t have ANY proof! You didn’t get it on camera, voice recording, or anything else. It was 27 years ago! GET OVER YOURSELVES.

  • Isa

    I met Mr. Crowder this year, so i might not know him well but from what i know about him, what you guys are saying about him isnt the Mr. Crowder i know, he is a kind, funny guy and probably the best teacher i have ever had. And my opionion on this is that this is crap, if this really happened why would the girl wait 27 years to come forward, i do believe that Mr. Crowder is not guilty, and i will stand with my decision. I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON MR. CROWDER! We are here fo you Mr. Crowder, stay strong.

  • Neighbor

    I am moritified that this is happening to such a wonderful young man. I know him as a neighbor and know that he is a great and decent person. shame on the Channel 6 for releasing this info. This is not my idea of responsible journalism! Let’s wait until all the facts are in before reporting such hogwash!

  • Evelyn

    I am a graduate of Godwin High School. The way this story was reported is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Hats off for ruining this poor man’s reputation and helping him to lose his job as a teacher about something that supposedly happened when he was 13 years old. I know students who have had this man as a teacher and who absolutely love him. I find it quite interesting that this abuse is just now getting brought up, decades later. Round of applause on your one-sided and biased reporting.

  • Essence Stone

    I had him as teacher and never has he displayed inappropriate actions. My thing is if it happened why didn’t they go through with the case back then? Why wait 27 years? What evidence could they possibly have now, that they didn’t have then? He would have been 13 years old, he can’t be tried as an adult even though he is now grown. It happening when he was 13, how are they going to try him in court? This story is bogus and I feel as if someone is just trying to ruin his life with such old accusations. If he wad accused and they had evidence he would have been charged then! Either it didn’t happen or it did and it was spoken on and then left alone , and has now been brough back up. Crowder is in my prayers and I hope he beats this!

  • Godwin Student

    Every morning I go to Crowder’s room and Godwin and sit in there till the bell rings. I am just mortified that they would accuse him of something that happened 27 years ago. So many students are upset about this. He is the sweetest, nicest, funniest, most caring teacher I’ve ever had. He pushes you to be the best you can be and he has helped me make new friends by pushing my peers and I to be ourselves. Not only was he focused on getting us the best education he could offer us, but he wanted us to have a positive outlook on school… To me and many others his classroom was a safe environment and as of now we feel deprived. We all want crowder back! FREE CROWDER!

  • Brooke T.

    I had Mr. Crowder when I went to John Rolfe Middle and he was the best teacher I EVER had!!! He was kind and understanding of problems and as many other people on here said, he was a best friend and mentor to MANY of his students. Mr. Crowder didn’t have a hurtful bone in his body! He helped all of his students the best he could and he didn’t take any bull! Mr. Crowder was 13!!! SERIOUSLY GUYS?! You people have nothing better to do than bring up a case that’s 27 years old and are now making a grown man pay for something he did as a child?! First off who ever decided NOW was the appropriate time to ruin this man’s life, well screw you! Mr. Crowder my heart goes out to you!

  • J'nay Hill

    Mr. Crowder was one of the best teachers I had at JRMS. He was always caring and helpful. I’ve had two teachers that impacted my life in middle school and he was one of them. Even when Elko opened, he stayed at JRMS which was a decision that I’ve always respected and appreciated. He’s taught so many members of my family and we all regard him as being an amazing teacher. So sad that he may lose his job over this

  • M

    this is ridiculous. mr. crowder is an incredible teacher and person! i go in to his room every morning with my friends to hang out before the bell and we always talk to him. im in modern dance club and he is our teacher sponser or whatever its called. he is so nice and funny to everyone. i didnt have him as a teacher but i wish i did. everyone who had him as a teacher loved him because he was a good teacher and made class fun. so i think its so dumb that these reporters are ruining his life. this might or might not have happened 27 years ago! he was 13! it just so STUPID! FREE MR. CROWDER!!!!

  • JUSTICE!!!

    How is it possible that after 27 years they come to take into account an error that was made in the past by a 13 year old! That should have been done at that time not to wait 27 years to do such stupidity. They destroyed this man’s life and his career and worst of all the humiliation it caused him and the school. FREE MR. CROWDER

  • Ariana Bazzi

    Mr. Crowder is absolutely awesome. It’s absolutely disgusting the way this went down, and to try and arrest the man at his own school in front of his students??? this is absolutely absurd and I hope his name is cleared faster than you slapped those cuffs on him #FREECROWDER

  • Jasmine Reed

    Mr. Crowder was a great friend and teacher. Listen, If this is true i’m sorry for whoever it happened to but it was 27 years ago he was 13. You’ve already sabotaged his life by bringing up a dead situation, he won’t be able to teach anymore. Furthermore, his alleged victims were boys in his family, why not tell a mom a dad an aunt an uncle, sister, brother, or cousin. If it is so bothersome as made seem why wait forty freakin’ years? A question for the victim(s).

  • diane

    and for all the young people posting to this….remember next time you are tempted to do something without thinking it thru… YES IT COULD COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU 27 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD!!!!

    this is the most appalling situation, certainly should ever have been handled so publically as he was obviously a juvenile when it happened

  • Victoria Lockwood

    The state law of Virginia states that a sexual assault arrest on a teacher can not be made IF the offender was not 18 years or older at the time of the offense. He was 13-15 during the years of the alleged “sexual battering.” He was probably just being a stupid teenage boy with his relatives, like most boys are. I had Mr. Crowder as an Oceanorgaphy teacher this year and he is by far the sweetest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is kind, considerate, and passionate about what he teaches. He is an excellent teacher and this accusation against him is obserd and completely out of line. Even if we as a state do not have a statue of liberations law, there is a law of age during the offense. And Mr. Crowder does not meet it. So Henrico County better see that this whole arrest is a huge mistake other wise the county can be sued for not following state law.

  • Amber Wiggins (old student)

    How long do you want a man to pay for something that happened when he was a child. People do grow up and mature so he i not the same person he was 27 years ago. Regardless of what happened why would you make a grown man keep having to re-live his past?

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