Tracking a cold blast that arrives Tuesday


We’re busy tracking an Arctic cold front that should arrive in central Virginia on Tuesday.  This will produce gusty breezes, plenty of clouds and a few scattered rain showers that could turn to a few snowflakes behind the front during the late afternoon and early evening.  Either way, a taste of “winter” will be in the air.

Obviously Arctic air this time of the year isn’t as cold as it would be in January/February, but our forecast high temperature for Wednesday is in the mid 40s.  That is well below “normal” for this time of year, and the first time we would have a high of 45° or lower since March 25th.


By the way, the first time we had a high temperature of 45° or lower last year (2012) was December 24th!  So get ready for a real chill in the air midweek, with overnight lows below the freezing mark for several days.  Afternoon highs will moderate Thursday through Saturday.

Stay warm!
Mike Goldberg


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