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Sarvis: ‘Campaign doesn’t stop tonight’

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RICHMOND, VA. (WTVR) - Robert Sarvis, along with family, friends, and supporters were at Richmond's Tobacco Company Tuesday night.

Sarvis and his supporters were positive throughout the night as numbers came in. Sarvis was hoping for 10 percent of the votes to secure Libertarian ballot access through 2021.

According to election results, Sarvis pulled in around 7 percent.

Sarvis told CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick that overall he felt that he ran a great campaign and Tuesday night was all about thanking his supporters.

The Libertarian candidate said it was a good learning experience.

In his speech Tuesday night, Sarvis said the campaign doesn't stop, and he will keep trying to make a difference.

He and his supporters told CBS 6 they were happy to celebrate what they had accomplsihed.


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