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Oregon middle school coach fired for planning awards dinner at Hooters

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KGW) — A middle school football coach was fired for planning an awards dinner for kids at a Hooters in Oregon.

And he said he’s moving forward with the event at the restaurant known for its chesty waitresses in skimpy outfits. In fact, Hooters has even said it will pick up the tab.

According to KGW, Corbett Middle School football coach Randall Burbach said he would not be bullied and will still hold the event without district support.

"If they do as well as the Hooters did for my boys when they were 12, it will be a great experience," Burbach said.

It was reported that the coach asked the boys where they wanted to have their awards dinner and they chose Hooters. His own children had a positive experience there when they were young, he said.

Plans for the dinner were outlined in a letter sent to parents by the school’s athletic director, J.P. Soulagnet.

The coach maintains that he didn’t hear any negative concerns from parents. He said the vast majority of the feedback he’s gotten has been positive.

"Not allowing myself to be bullied by the vocal minority, is the war I want to win, is the only war I can win right now," said Burbach.

Hooters has announced that it intended to donate $1,000 and 20 percent of its sales on Saturday to the Corbett Boosters Club.

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  • Cattails

    What kind of positive experience did this give his boys? That girls flaunt for them? And this is what they will respect or should I say expect from girls. Just wondering.

  • Cattails

    What kind of positive experience did this give his boys? That girls will flaunt for them. And this is what they will respect or should I say expect from girls. Just wondering….

  • scars

    Moron. If he wasn’t able to see that this would be a problem, he is too stupid to be a coach. If he wants to take his children there, more power to him. That is his right as a parent. Scheduling an awards banquet there means that any parent who does not wish for their children to be a part of a restaurant that thrives on double entendres and skimpy outfits results in a kid who is excluded from an important part of the team experience. There are plenty of other options and by not attempting to be more inclusive, he is just a jerk. He is the bully for insisting that it will be held there. Perhaps that attitude is the real reason for his firing.

    Just because the Hooter waitresses are the only females who will be nice to him (because they are being paid to do it) shouldn’t be the incentive for taking his team there. Some of those boys may not need to buy their dates when they get older.

    • Dustin Cavanaugh

      Not all of us are crazy bible thumpers who make pre-judgments based on very hypocritical logic. Many of us teach our kids not to be that way either. Also considering the comments from the father it’s likely he knows the people who run it very closely. That would be a good reason to choose it as opposed to a bad one. Crazy people have the first though “OMG hooter’s all the kids will be forever corrupted”

  • VeronicaWilliam Marks Brilvitch

    Did anyone at the school ever visit the restaurant? The waitresses wear more than many cheerleaders, swimmers, volleyball players, and girl’s track teams. Should we ban all cheerleaders from future sporting events? Might as well go ahead and ban all girl’s water sports, volleyball, and track. Has anyone reviewed the dress code at the school? I think the school owes the restaurant an apology for judging the restaurant based on its name. Anyone who had actually visited the restaurant will know that it is not a den of vice, but rather a friendly place with waitresses that will engage in friendly play with children. The food is decent and I do especially enjoy the wings and fries.

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