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College football helping Wounded Warrior Project with ‘bloody’ uniforms

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EVANSTON, Il. (WTVR) — A new uniform just unveiled for the Northwestern University football team is grabbing attention after football fans and veterans realize it has “blood” splatters on it.

The Wildcats will wear the jerseys as they take on Michigan University on November 16th at Northwestern. After the game, all the jersey’s will be auctioned off with all of the proceeds going towards the Wounded Warrior Project — a service dedicated to helping U.S. veterans as they recover or adjust to sometimes life altering injuries from the battlefield.

The issue some are taking with uniform is the design of, “splattered blood” that appears on the uniform’s helmet, shoulder pads, cleats and gloves over stripes of the American flag.
Patriotic references also include a complete red, white and blue look with each player’s name being replaced by one of seven “core value embellishments.” Those include “Duty, Honor, Courage, Commitment, Integrity, Country and Service.”

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  • karren cooper

    Karren A Cooper to be honest I have mixed feelings 1st as a veteran I am proud & honored they would do this then as far as the “flag” well is this not what is happening to our fellow soldiers who are fighting in a war I don’t believe we should be in..our flag is draped in blood of all innocents but then they should’ve ran this through at least some veterans to see what they thought. So yes mixed feelings here

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