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Update on Red-tailed Hawk injured in downtown Richmond

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Injured Red-tailed Hawk (PHOTO: The Wildlife Center of Virginia)

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – The injured Red-tailed Hawk rescued from a downtown Richmond street Saturday is now recovering at the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

“The hawk had small hemorrhages in both eyes, as well as injuries to the vitreous – the thick, transparent substance that fills the center of the eye. No fractures were found on physical exam,” the center posted on its website. “Dr. Kristin [Britton] anesthetized the hawk to take radiographs and found that the hawk had air in its body cavity, which is likely due to a ruptured air sac. All injuries suggest that the hawk suffered some sort of impact trauma in downtown Richmond.”

Doctors at the center plan to test the hawk’s ability to fly after giving it a few days of rest.

Watch Saturday’s story on the injured hawk in the video box below: