Prince George students win Lowell Milken Center 2013 Discovery Award

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PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – A Prince George County High School teacher and his students won the  Lowell Milken Center 2013 Discovery Award First Place prize. Chris Waugaman and his students were honored for their Unsung Heroes project “We are Newspapermen.”

The students “created a a professional-quality website with engaging videos, resources and interactive elements to help visitors discover L. Alex Wilson and the black newspapermen whose heroic attempts to report on civil rights struggles inadvertently became a part of the story,” according to the Milken Family Foundation.

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  • Chris Waugaman’s journey into the story of L. Alex Wilson began when he traveled to Fort Scott, Kansas, and the Lowell Milken Center as a national LMC Fellow. The fellowship allows a select group of educators to immerse themselves in the project-based learning process, targeting the discovery of unsung heroes in history. (PHOTO/CAPTION: Milken Family Foundation)

  • It was a full house in the Prince George High media center as Renee Williams, assistant superintendent of Prince George County Schools, announced that the winner of the 2013 international Lowell Milken Center Discovery Award. The grand prize went to Prince George's own journalism teacher Chris Waugaman and five students for their high quality research and the resulting website. (PHOTO/CAPTION: Milken Family Foundation)

  • Assistant Superintendent Renee Williams took part in civil rights history herself as one of the first students to desegregate Prince George County Schools. At the presentation, she tells the assembled students how moved she was to learn about journalist Wilson’s courage in Little Rock, Arkansas during that same period. (PHOTO/CAPTION: Milken Family Foundation)

  • Milken Family Foundation Sr. Vice President Dr. Jane Foley presents the Lowell Milken Center Discovery Award trophy to student Caleb Johnson, now a freshman at William and Mary, who said of the project: “This learning experience offered the thrill of real-time-discovery and learning…We were the researchers, the reporters, the teachers and the students.” (PHOTO/CAPTION: Milken Family Foundation)

  • Did we mention that the LMC Discovery Award comes with a $10,000 check? Students Caleb Johnson, Korrina Smith, Becky Shumar, Jasmine Lackey join their teacher-leader Chris Waugaman and Assistant Superintendent Williams. The $10,000 will be used by journalism students to further pursue project-based learning and a documentary on those associated with L. Alex Wilson. (PHOTO/CAPTION: Milken Family Foundation)

  • Lightening strikes twice at Prince George High! In 2012, Stephanie Bishop (pictured here with Waugaman) and her students were honored with the first place Discovery Award for their performance project “Walk With Me: Civil Rights.” What’s more, Bishop (now assistant principal at J.E. J. Moore Middle School in Disputanta, Vir.) and Waugaman are husband and wife. As Lowell Milken Center Executive Director Norman Conard said, “I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that Prince George County has one of the nation’s most outstanding couples in teaching!” (PHOTO/CAPTION: Milken Family Foundation)

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