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Kids’ choir leader arrested amid accusations

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ChoirArrestSTAFFORD, Va. (WTVR) – The composer and arranger behind the faith-based Frick & Frack musical group is in jail charged with two counts of indecent liberties with a minor while in a supervisory role. An 18-year-old girl accused Phillip Wayne Lanier, 46, of Stafford, of sexually fondling her over the last two years.

“The teen was part of a [musical] group that Phillip Lanier co-leads,” Stafford County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Bill Kennedy wrote in a media advisory. “The faith-based group [Frick & Frack] does performances in the area and has done summer tours as well.”

The mother of Lanier’s business partner does not believe the accusations. Peggy Hart called the accuser a disgruntled teen, upset with Lanier’s decisions about the group’s fall tour.

During the course of their investigation into the accuser’s claims, deputies determined Lanier sexually fondled another child as well. In both cases, investigators said Lanier asked the girls to send him pictures of them in their underwear.

According to the group's website, Frick & Frack writes "original Christian children's choir music and musicals, create original scripts for children's choir and drama programs, and offer a range of resources to help leaders build a children's choir ministry geared toward today's kids."

"I began building my first children's choir ministry over 13 years ago, and consider it one of my greatest privileges in ministry to work with kids week after week in such a fun and worshipful environment," Lanier wrote in his online bio. "When trusted with great responsibility, when loved and nurtured, gently instructed, and, perhaps most importantly, when valued, kids can accomplish amazing things."

Investigators asked anyone else who had similar contact with Lanier to call the Sheriff’s Office at 540-658-4400 or Detective Tim Covington at 540-658-4450.


  • JS

    I do not believe this allegation about Phil. The details seem sketchy at best, and contrived. Let them come to my house and ask me how he treated my child. Saddest part is the devastation that a couple of kids can cause — quickest way to bring ruin to a person’s entire life.

  • RH

    Interesting how some will immediately say the teens are making up the story..Do you personally know these teens? Let the professionals sort through the evidence. Unless you were there, you really don’t know!!

  • Douglas Chace

    Also interesting how you immediately believe he is guilty. I’ve known him personally or years, do you? I’ve never seen anything from him that would cause me to believe these allegations.

  • Lauren

    This whole story is ridiculous. There is no way on earth that this has happened. These girls are just angry teenagers looking for revenge.

  • Anymonous

    Phillip is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. These girls are lying. There are two sides to every story and I have faith that the truth will prevail and he will be set free.

  • Anymonous

    I’ve know Phillip for years, and I know he would NEVER do anything like this. Phillip is a great man that loves The Lord.

  • G

    Dear RH (or is it Potiphar) – Yes, I do know this man, his family, and the regulars that have been part of his “mission” for the PAST NINE (yes 9 !) years. I personally know the the two girls who are trying to pass blame for something, as well as their families. I have sent my sons and daughters to this man and his partner for more than 5 yrs years because I understand the heart that they have for training up a child in the way they should go.

    And I have seen the TREMENDOUS metamorphosis when these children, led by the hand of these two saints at Frick & Frack, have the opportunity to grow upward and inside.

    Now I understand that bashing a member of the clergy is the social habit of the day, especially when there is no SOLID evidence, and you RH seem to be a great knee-jerk reactionary. I also applaud the “yellow journalism” that the FLS put out the other day with blurbs and clips to make things sound one SPECIFIC way.

    I am sorry that Brother Phil (et al) has to deal with prejudiced people like you, and with scared, little people like his accusers. I also know, however, that Brother Phil will STILL pray for them, and for you because; no matter what anyone does to Brother Phil, you all are STILL in worse shape than he is, even in jail…

    God Bless – G

  • Anonymous

    This cannot be what happened. I was in his choir for 3 years, and let me tell you, he is not the kind of man who would do this. I’ve known him for 4-5 years now, and while everyone else is brainwashed by these teenagers, I know that Brother Phillip is innocent.

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