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Patients at loss after doctor’s license is suspended — again

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- Some area patients are unable to get prescriptions filled after the medical license of Dr. Saifullah K. Niazi, M.D. has been suspended by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Niazi had been a practicing physician, specializing in psychiatry, in the Richmond area.

According to the report, obtained by CBS 6 News, the Virginia Board of Medicine issued the suspension on August 29th.

The report claims Niazi had been allowing employees, including his administrative assistant, to see patients on a regular basis - allowing them to often times "see, observe, and assess patients independently" "without Dr. Niazi being present or having only minimal contact with the patient."

A patient of Niazi, who spoke to CBS 6 off camera and is referring to herself as Ellen,  said that the report is consistent with her experiences with Niazi's office.

CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George asked Ellen if she was surprised how quickly she would get her prescription  even though Ellen didn't spend a lot of time with Niazi.

"I never had a wait in my life like - it was ridiculous there were people out in the hallways, babies on the floor," Ellen said

Ellen alerted CBS 6 to investigate Niazi after she was told by the office her prescription could no longer be re-filled.

"What I would say to Dr. Niazi is where do I go now?" Ellen said.

CBS 6 went to Niazi's office. After a staffer informed the doctor that CBS 6 was looking for a comment, the staffer told CBS 6 that Niazi would not be commenting, only saying he was having a dispute with the medical board.

CBS 6 also discovered this is no the first time that Niazi is having a dispute with the Commonwealth.

In 2006, he lost his license for two years after the Virginia Board of Medicine concluded he had an inappropriate relationship with a patient. Niazi's license was re-instated in 2008.

Niazi is expected to appear before the Virginia Board of Medicine on Sept. 27.

Patient's of Niazi's are asked to see there primary care provider.