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CBS 6 Investigates: Chesterfield bond referendums

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR)--Midlothian homeowner Jack Fletcher can’t help but wonder if his neighborhood is being forgotten by the county.

During a brief stroll, he points out a wooded area along Twin Teams Lane and Robious Road that is supposed to be the site of a brand new library.

He’s been excited for the past nine years, wondering when he’d see work crews start the project. The library that would be just yards from his home is one of the projects included in the county’s 2004 bond referendum.

Back then, the $341 million dollars were to be used for things like new fire stations, libraries and road improvement projects. Fletcher is disappointed nine years later that there is still no library.

He questions why citizens are being asked to vote this November on another bond referendum to finance more projects when the 2004 projects aren’t all completed.

Chesterfield voters will decide whether $340 million should be used to revitalize aging schools, whether $49 million should be spent to replace the communications system for emergency responders, and whether diners should pay a two cents meals tax.

The meals tax is expected to generate $8 million dollars for the county every year.

“The meals tax in my opinion will go through. Hopefully they will use it where it is designated to go,” Fletcher added.

CBS 6 News interviewed Allan Carmody, the county’s Budget Director, about how many of the 2004 referendum projects have been completed.

“2004- nine years ago?," said Carmody. "There has been a lot of progress made on that referendum."

"In fact, only three of roughly 50 projects, depending on how you count them, remain." Those three projects are included in our capital improvement plan so they are not forgotten," Carmondy added.

Carmody said the remaining projects include the library in Fletcher’s neighborhood, a fire station at a site along Route 288 and Courthouse Road. The third project includes the Chester Arts Center near the Chester Library.