Snail hatches in boy’s knee

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Giant African land snail (Photo Credit: Florida Department of Agriculture via CNN)

LOS ANGELES — A family from Orange County, California didn’t think much of it when their 4-year-old son fell during a family vacation.

His parents say they cleaned up his scraped knee and put a bandage on it, but a couple weeks later, it was swollen and infected, according to KCAL.

A doctor prescribed antibiotics, but Paul’s knee continued to get worse, growing to the size of an orange and hot to the touch.

Last Thursday, the spot on Paul’s knee started turning black. When Paul’s mother decided to drain the wound, she got a shock.

“I put it on a paper towel, and I’m like ‘that is a weird looking rock, it has swirls on it.’ And I turn it over and it is a sea snail,” she told KCAL.

The family says after a stressful three-week ordeal, they can laugh about it now.

Paul’s wound has almost healed.

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