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Goochland murder at Busy Bee Realty unsolved after decade

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va (WTVR)- Ten years later,Virginia State Police say Joan Weigelhofer's murder case is one that's never been classified as cold.

The special agent in charge of the case urges the small community in Goochland to spill the clue he knows some have kept secret for a decade.

"All of those with knowledge you must assist,"said Special Agent Jake Reisch from the Virginia State Police.

In a letter Reisch asked the community for assistance.

"You can peacefully put this to bed so you know your mom, your sister, your friends murder has been put to justice."

The business name and ownership have changed.

Security measures at the rural real estate business have changed too, but one thing remains the same. Whoever stormed into Busy Bee Realty ten years and fatally shot real estate agent Joan Weigelhofer is still walking around free.

Weigelhofers youngest daughter Sonya Gierke is here from Minnesota. "We don't give up...we trust Virginia State police are doing their job," Gierke said.

State police investigators say it's not a matter of who did it. "We have a viable suspect and when I say that-I mean only one," said Reisch.

Adding they need the one tip that will place their suspect at the scene of the crime.

"We already know there was a dark colored SUV that has always been linked as the killers vehicle-that's not the question. More specifically if someone was seen outside the vehicle at the office-we need to know what you saw."

Weigelhofers oldest child Howard Smith told CBS 6 Reporter Jon Burkett Friday afternoon he had a message for his mom's killer.

"You're a coward for not coming forward earlier," he said.

"I'd think your conscious would catch up with you. You took away a caring person from this world who would give up her own real estate commission to help someone get a home," Smith said.

"I assure you, there will be justice for Joan," Reisch read those words and now leaves it up to the public to help end the Weigelhofer family's decade of pain.