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PICTURES: Iams and Eukanuba pet food recall


A recall has been issued for several varieties of popular Eukanuba and Iams pet food that was sold mostly on the East Coast, but also across the nation. CLICK HERE to read more, and find out how to get a replacement voucher.
Eukanuba Chihuahua

Eukanuba Dog Boxer     Eukanuba Dog Senior Large Breed

Eukanuba Dog Senior Maintenance     Eukanuba Dog Small Breed

Iams Cat HN Chicken     Eukanuba Labrador Retriever

Eukanuba Premium Performance     Eukanuba Puppy Growth

Eukanuba Puppy Small Breed     Iams Cat Digestive Care

Iams Cat Indoor Hairball     Iams Puppy Small and Toy

Iams Cat Indoor WC and Hairball     Iams Cat Original - Chicken

Iams Cat WC     Iams Dog Chunk

Iams Dog HN Chicken     Iams Dog HN Weight Control

Iams Dog Mature Adult Large Breed     Iams Dog Prem Pro Adult

Iams Dog Senior Plus Large Breed     Iams Dog Small and Toy

Eukanuba Dog Weight Control Large Breed     Iams Cat HN Weight Control

Iams Cat Mature Adult Hairball     Iams Kitten



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