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Car plunges into water after Jamestown ferry pulled away

The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry re-opened early Thursday morning after a woman’s car plunged into the water on Wednesday night.

The ferry captain, Jack Goolsby, has been suspended without pay, VDOT officials say.

It’s a disciplinary suspension, pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Coast Guard tells NewsChannel 3 the vehicle fell into the water as the ferry was pulling away with the woman inside of it. They say the woman was able to swim out and she was rescued right away. She was checked out by the local EMS and did not appear to have any injuries officials say.

VDOT confirms that the Coast Guard is handling the investigation. They say preliminary results reveal that the ferry did not malfunction.

VDOT is also launching an internal investigation. The captain is an hourly employee; he is considered a VDOT employee, but his boating license is through the Coast Guard. They are now looking at loading and unloading procedures and safety protocols.

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